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Monday, April 27, 2009

A Nice Springfield Story

Back from the basement, I thought I would start the week with a reminder that the business isn't always about the stuff, but the people.

DEER Sellers.... Our Springfield Extravaganza storyLast year we visited the Springfield Antique Show Extravaganza for the first time. We had been stumbling around all day in a state of wonder and bliss when my eye caught a vintage ceramic bambi figurine. We had recently sold one to someone across the country and my then 3 year old daughter was heartbroken. We had no idea she had grown to love this little guy. Unfortunately-the person who purchased Bambi emailed us to let us know that Bambi had gotten a broken leg during shipment and she returned the now 3 legged figurine to us for a refund. This further saddened our daughter who immediately took the broken pieces to her room and gingerly placed them on her dresser with refusals to let it go. When I saw the similar Bambi figure at the Springfield show-I knew we had to get it for our daughter. I started toward the seller when my daughter also noticed the figure, ran past me and asked the seller if she would take her last $5.00 for the figure. I told the seller her story and whispered to her that I would pay the remaining balance if she would let my daughter believe she had made a deal for it. The seller refused to take our money, sold it to my daughter for $5.00 and made everyones weekend. Needless to say-Bambi now stands beside the 3 legged Bambi on her dresser (she wont let that one go!) and we are excited to make the trip this year as both buyers and SELLERS!

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