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Monday, August 29, 2011

Come on Irene

With apologies to the Midnight Runners and Dexy- I am happy to report that the Harwinton Fairgounds withstood both the June stress test that Mother Nature provided as well as yesterday's encounter with Irene. Irene did provide a good bath to the grounds, but they will be in top shape for the show this weekend. Hopefully those dealing with the aftereffects of the storm will want a break by next Saturday and Sunday.

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Win free Extravaganza tickets.

Share your favorite story about the Springfield show and win free passes for the September Extravaganza. Either share your story on our Facebook page, or leave the story as a blog comment. We will give away 5 pairs of tickets.

Monday, August 22, 2011

Damaging nature of good rumors.

Writing today to clarify what seems to be current fodder for the rumor mill. I recently returned from Antiques Week in New Hampshire. After what was for the most part a good week, an incident occurred late Thursday afternoon that I feel requires comment and clarification. A promoter with multiple events in Manchester accused me of recruiting vendors on his show floor for a competing show to be launched for the Manchester Week in 2012. The promoter would apparently not believe the denial I spoke to him or respond to the email that I sent the following morning. I have received numerous phone calls and emails in the past week and feel the need to issue the following statement:
At no point in time during Antiques Week in New Hampshire, did I or anyone that I work with attempt to solicit any vendor for a show to be held during Antiques Week in New Hampshire. I did spend quite a bit of time talking about our new facility in Nashville with dealers during Antiques Week in New Hampshire. I imagine that someone might have overheard one of those conversations and made the mistaken assumption that the facility was in New Hampshire. I hold the shows, promoters and dealers who participate in shows in Manchester in high regard, spending significant amounts of time and energy to attend. We have never considered adding an event to this market as the current line-up provides great shows, great dealers and good results to the participating dealers and customers. I look forward to continuing to support the existing shows in this market.
Whether or not the rumor is being spread out of a mistaken assumption or bold faced lie, the effect is the same. It brings an unnecessary distraction in a time that the business simply doesn’t need it. Promoters and dealers don’t need it, and those spreading the rumor should understand the turmoil they keep fueling by spreading false information.

Jon Jenkins

New Harwinton Photos

Photos from:
Victor Weinblatt
Missouri Plain Folk
Melissa Bourque
Storb Antiques
Steven Singer
Country Peddler Antiques

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Can the Insider get a Facebook share.

I know that there are at least 4 people besides my mother who occasionaly enjoy this blog. Whether it is something that is written, or a picture that you like, what is the point of all this if we aren't trying to share it with a wider audience and broaden the appeal of what we enjoy? The nifty Facebook share button on the right is a great way to let your friends know about the wonderfully underappreciated world of antiques, art & vintage design. Take a moment when you read a post to hit that button, fill out the stupid "what are these random letter" thingy and share. The antiques, art & vintage design bandwagon has plenty of empty seats. Help me fill it up.

New Photos for Harwinton

These photos courtesy of South Road Antiques who will be doing Harwinton in two weeks. Enjoy!

Catching a few bargains at Springfield

Had time yesterday to catch a few deals yesterday at the August Springfield show. Very good crowd and some really cool stuff. Picked up an Arts & Crafts sideboard for a tv stand and had to buy this store display champagne bottle. It is a Salmanazar (9 Liter) bottle. Too bad it was empty.

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Sometimes words matter- a lot.

Got new neighbors a few months ago- a couple about our age with two young kids. As they've been in and out of our house a few times for a few cookouts, they have noticed our furnishings seem a little bit different. I've explained what I do for a living and they really seem interested in the stuff. When I talk about things as antiques the interest level seems to wane, but when I describe something as vintage- the excitement level increases. I am talking about items of similar age- clearly over 100 years old, but vintage resonates while antique falls flat. Maybe it's the word and not the stuff.

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

With heavy hearts-

Taking a day off from the Insider today to take our annual trip to the Indiana State Fair. This year the tragedy that took the lives of 5 and injured many others brings a great deal of sadness to a normally joyous day. Be sure to keep the families of the victims in your thoughts and prayers.

Sunday, August 14, 2011

On to Springfield

Back from New Hampshire, and while results weren't outstanding across the board, I think the week went well. Getting ready for the August Springfield show next weekend and preparing for our trip to Connecticut for Harwinton.

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Midweek in Manchester through the eyes of a 4 year old.

I was going to upload Graham's photos from Midweek this morning, but was told that I have exceeded my photo storage limit. Must expand limit.

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Making headway taking antiques/vintage mainstream.

Logged on to aol this morning and a story was teased about model/businesswoman Heidi Klum and her designer friend shopping the Rose Bowl Flea Market. While the antique purist might scoff at what they are shopping for, we should all instead focus on the importance of:

1. Well known celebrity shopping for antique/vintage in mainstream media which helps reinforce a needed message "this is what cool people do"
2. Designer giving some common sense advice for the beginner making it seem more accessible

Remember folks, we need customers at every level. While the jury is still out whether vintage is a gateway drug for more traditional antiques- it remains a strong hope. How many antique collectors/users started out buying 20 years ago are buying the same things today?? Not many according to my research. Click here for the link to the article and video.

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

The view of Deerfield from the eyes of Graham Jenkins

Graham discovered how to use the camera today and these are his photos. Interesting to see a show through the eyes of a child. Watch out Antique Show Wanderer- someone wants your job.

Monday, August 8, 2011

Manchester- a photo essay

Match the caption with the correct photo
1. Perhaps fortelling the rise of tatoo in popular culture.
2. In case you need to go a little bit.
3. Early sock monkey with provenance.
4. It's that time of day.

Friday, August 5, 2011

Major Nashville Announcement

This is it!!!

A 30 year search ends in success.

For the past 30 years, the Tailgate and Music Valley Shows have been mainstays of Antiques Week in Nashville. Both shows are a superb combination of great dealers, great customers and wonderful merchandise. Their success was and is a combination of those ingredients. Through the years and several facility changes it was always our feeling that despite great success, the shows lacked the “great home” that they deserved. Despite the many obstacles presented over the years by fire marshals, second & third floor rooms, cold & rainy tents, snowy parking lots, cease and desist orders, political manipulations and possible facility closures, the shows succeeded in spite of these challenges.

We are happy to announce that beginning with our February 2-4, 2012 show, the Tailgate/Music Valley Antique Show has a new home- the Hendersonville Expo Center. This brand new facility will give us the great home that the show deserves. The Expo Center Features:

· Room for 250 vendors in one space on one level in a drive-in facility.

· High ceilings

· Brand new concession and restroom facilities

· Located in the affluent suburb of Hendersonville

· Easy hotel, restaurant and interstate access

· 6 year contract with February dates corresponding with Heart of Country

· Shuttle bus service between show and Opryland Hotel/Heart of Country

· Superb Free Customer and Dealer Parking

· Onsite dining/recreation options

We are excited to offer you the chance to participate in what we are confident will be the great home that we have been looking for all these years. We offer you our strongest commitment that every conceivable effort will be made to insure that the Hendersonville Expo Center will be a great home for dealers and customers for the continued success of the show.

The show will have a section that is walled and papered, as well as a section with pipe & drape/walls optional. We will arrange for a chance to see our new home during the show this October as well as pick out booth locations. We look forward to seeing you in the next few months.

With Thanks,

The Jenkins Family & Staff

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Preparing to deploy the troops.

Antiques Week in New Hampshire is upon us and here in the office we are preparing to launch ourselves into the series of events with gusto. Deploying the ground offensive today while the air attack waits until Saturday. For those of you who have never been, it is a great week filled with wonderful merchandise. Check out the NHADA website or the Barn Star website for complete details. Not sure if the Deerfield show has a website, but details on the show can be found at the Antique & The Arts website. Northeast Auctions kicks off the event with their auction starting Friday. Hope to see some of you there.