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Sunday, February 26, 2012

At last, a day fit for blogging

I apologize to at least all three of you who loyally read this blog. Over the past several months, other activities have deprived me of the time and motivation to share the insight that I claim this blog does. So- I'm back at it.

Loaded up the family truckster yesterday and made the short jaunt from Indy to the Queen City to visit 20th Century Cincinnati. For those of you who have never been and have an interest in all things Modern and Vintage, I highly recommend the trip.

I always like to judge a show by the behavior of dealers and customers.

1. Is there a crowd- people in booths, aisles and do they seem happy and engaged?
2. Is there a buzz- the audible sound of a crowd of people shopping, talking and moving around a space.
3. What are the dealers doing? Sitting and reading? Looking depressed or Standing and talking with customers and other dealers.
4. Can you see the tell-tale signs of success? Sold tags, empty spaces in booths, smiling dealers or customers carrying things.

The answer on all these questions were overwhelmingly positive, great engaged crowd, active dealers with few sitting and even fewew having time to talk about shows. Great job dealers, Bruce Metzger and Staff and Customers. A show well done!

Also took the time to visit Jungle Jim's- the famous Cincinnati grocery store. Wouldn't have believed it if I hadn't seen it and can't wait to go back.