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Sunday, February 27, 2011

Photos of Nashville

Photos from last week's Nashville-palooza. Still tired.

Friday, February 25, 2011

The mojo is back!

Sent an email to our Nashville Dealers after the show, and here is one of the responses that I think sums up the week pretty well:

"This was our best show since moving to the fairgrounds.

I thought the crowds were great all three days with many of our former customers returning for the first time since we left the motel. Obviously, your new marketing strategies paid off.
We had several Nashville area checks.

Tailgate looked great with a lot of fabulous merchandise at affordable prices.

We preferred the wine and cheese to a full meal and appreciated the coffee and donuts Thursday morning.

Thank you for letting us pull our van in the building to load Saturday evening, otherwise, we might still be there.

As our college basketball coach is fond of saying "the mojo back."

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Recovery and Moving on-

Thanks to everyone who helped make Antiques Week in Nashville a success. By all reports- the show was successful in bringing an increased number of buyers and sellers together. I will fill you in over the next few days, but suffice it to say "it worked well". Starting to turn the page and thinking about Springfield and Harwinton. Just crossed the 100 dealer count for the June Harwinton show- about 2 months ahead of last year. Here is the growing list- enjoy.

Aged to Perfection
Albert Joseph & Co.
Andy's Antiques
Anne Hall Antique Prints
Arlene Rabin
Art & Antique Gallery
Ashley Antiques
Auerbach & Maffia
Back Roads Antiques
Benting & Jarvis
Beverly Dutton
Bill Scott's Antiques
Bob Kretchko
by Ann Marsh
Chelsea Hill Antiques
Classic Touch
Collection Agency Antiques
Colliersville Cottage
Colophon Books
Country Christmas
Country Peddler Antiques
Country Treasures
David & Susan Ryan
David Allan Ramsey
David Zabriskie
DBR Antiques
Dennis & Valerie Bakoledis
Desjardin's Antiques
Don & Marta Orwig
Dudley Hill Antiques
Hartman House Antiques
Hawkins Quilts & Antiques
Higganum House Antiques
Home Farm Antiques
J & G Antiques
J & J of Tucson
Jim Hirsheimer
John Gould
John Hathcock
Judith & James Milne
Kay Baker
Kim & David Leggett
Lavender & Old Lace
Lepore's Antiques
Little Journeys
Mad River Antiques
Main Street Antiques
Margaret Allen
Mario Pollo
Marion Scully
Marsha Manchester
Mars-Most Antiques
Mason Antiques
Missing Link Antiques
Moldies R Goldies
Munday & Munday
Nancy & Craig Cheney
Nancy Fishelson
Nancy Hagen Antiques
Noble Peddler Antiques
Nook N Cranny Antiques
Old Lamps & Things
Otto & Susan Hart
Patricia Frazer
Paul & Karen Wendheiser
P-B Antiques
Peter & Claire Ringel
Peter Moses
Phyllis G. Pasternak Collectibles
Red Barn Antiques
Richard DiFillipo
Richard Pleines Antiques
Roland Dallaire
Rose Garden Antiques
Rubley Antiques
School House Antiques
Sport & Spool Antiques
Steve Smoot Antiques
Storb Antiques
Strawhat Antiques
Stuart Magdefrau
Sugar Princess
T & F Trunks
The Jewelry Lady
Thomas R. Longacre
Thymes Remembered
Tither & Sears
Tom Ohara's Easter Hill Antiques
Twinkling Jewels
Two of a Kind
Two Sides of a River Antiques
Vee Kausel
Victor Weinblatt
Victorian Rose
Vintage Fabrics
Vos Antiques
Wenham Cross Antiques
What Once Was
Worden Select Objects
Yesterday's Dreams

Friday, February 18, 2011

Two Days Down, One to Go

As a show promoter, we hear many things during the course of a show. Today, I heard one of my all time favorites. A dealer said "I've run out of sales receipts, could you go make 25 copies for me". I can't make stuff up this good. Photos, video and stories soon.

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Pictures Tomorrow

Love to share pictures, for those of you who would like some video, become my facebook friend and look at the posts today. I posted video, and liked a host of photos. Will post more tomorrow. To the customers and dealers- thanks for the hard work and support. Love it when a plan comes together.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Abdominal Surgery

I often say that the set-up of an antique show is much like abdominal surgery. It can be very messy and not pretty to look at, but is usually stitched up nicely in the end. Right now the patient is doing fine and is on schedule for a Thursday morning release.

Monday, February 14, 2011

Indigestion Wanes, Excitement Builds

Walls and paper going up, dealers starting to sniff around the Fairgrounds. The anxiety level is decreasing and the final email newsletter is out with shuttle bus details.

Mr. Demille, I'm ready for my close-up.

For those of you who know her and those who don't as well, Alex Cirimelli of Serenite Maison is on American Pickers tonight at 7- check local listings and watch a friend get some air-time.

Equal Parts Excitment and Indigestion

The Monday before a large show (Tailgate & Music Valley qualify) I usually wake with the feeling of excitment and an equal amount of fear. What happens if the buildings burn down in a molten pile of rubble? I hope the dealers and customers all make it safely. How in the world are we going to make this look nice for an opening in 72 hours. Suffice it to say that everything usually works out, it's our job to make sure. Wishing everyone safe travels- I think it's going to be a beautiful week.

Sunday, February 13, 2011

The mothership is departing for Nashville.

Friday, February 11, 2011

Antiques Show Warning

A warning has been issued by the National Antiques Show Forecast Center in Brimfield, Massachusetts for the greater Nashville, Tennessee area for this coming Thursday through Saturday, Feb. 17th-19th. Please be advised that conditions now appear imminent for a convergence of customers, dealers and great merchandise. Although these shows happen often, conditions indicate the approach of a perfect storm of antiquing. For further updates and crucial information go to , or
But seriously folks, as for the real weather forecast, don’t worry about it because it looks promising, temperatures in the mid 60’s are predicted.

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Busy Day Today

Running around a very snowy, cold Nashville passing out fliers to shops and malls. Stopped at Tennessee, GasLamp, Arbor and Factory Antique Malls as well as Scarlett Scales Antiques. Getting ready for Antiques and Garden Show in about an hour.

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

You're invited to a Party!!

We have made a decision to go "back to our roots". Next Thursday morning, the Tailgate and Music Valley shows will open with a party. The first semi-annual Music Valley & Tailgate-Tailgate Party (I know it sounds ackward) will kick off at 7:30 a.m. prior to our 8:00 a.m. opening. The party will feature:
1. Complimentary Coffee & Doughnuts
2. Music
3. A special commemorative "Early Bird Button" for the first 500 customers
4. The first 10 early birds get in free!

So plan on joining us to help kick off the shows in a festive spirit- bring friends and tell neighbors. BYO Mimosas and Bloody Marys

Monday, February 7, 2011

Interview about Nashville with the show promoters!

Listen to the Podcast interview from Urban Art & Antiques with Susan Hunkins of Heart of Country and myself conducted by Eric Miller. We talk about Nashville yesterday, today and into the future. Click Here

Sunday, February 6, 2011

America now sets sights on Antique Week in Nashville

Now that the Superbowl is over, America can now rightfully focus it's attention on Antiques Week in Nashville. Unlike the Super Bowl, Nashville can live up to the hype. Pack your bags and get ready to be amazed.

The Very Best In American Quilts

That’s what you’ll find in Marie Miller’s booth at our Music Valley show this month. In fact, you’ll find hundreds of beautiful 19th and 20th century American quilts, not to mention lots of great antique quilt tops, coverlets, blue decorated stoneware, Quimper and sewing aids. And remember to think outside the box when you step into her booth. Quilts aren’t just for beds and hooked rugs aren’t just for floors. To really display the artistry of a fine quilt, think about hanging it on a wall for greater impact. Marie selects each textile she carries for its artistic appeal and fine workmanship (or workwomanship). You can go to Marie’s website, for instructions on hanging your quilt. And she ought to know. She’s been in the antiques business for over twenty-five years.
We’re really excited that so many people, both dealers and customers, are going to be traveling from all over the country for “Nashville Week”. Marie, by the way, will be coming from Dorset, Vermont. We’ve submitted our request for blue skies and above freezing temperatures so go ahead and complete your travel plans. Only ten days left until “show time”.

Saturday, February 5, 2011

New Dealers and a race to the finish.

Getting down to the last minute details prior to the shows. Did someone remember to order more yards signs and refrigerator magnets? What is the deadline for the Sunday paper? Have you sent the artwork to the billboard company? These and a hundred other questions get asked in a rapid fire last week before we leave for Nashville. Still booking dealers up to the last minute and below is the list of dealers who have committed since the last update- enjoy.

Antiques On Holiday
Bien Antiques
Bjorn Borssen
Cindy Rennels Antique Quilts
EH Antiques
Greg K. Kramer & Co
John Tuggle
Joshua Steenburgh
Joy Haley Antiques
McGlamery & Pelton
Whip Saw Antiques

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Exit South, to Georgia Morel's...Post Haste.

Here in the Midwest we’re in the throws a miserable ice and snow storm. But, not Georgia Morel. She’s from New Roads, Louisiana. A Google search will take you to her family’s restaurant’s website, and believe me you’ll drool when you read the menu. Make sure you check out their inn with its amazing gardens. And then, of course, you’ll have to click on the link to Georgia’s antiques shops…yes, shops. She has five of them, four in Louisiana and one in Texas. You’ll enjoy browsing through the photos of her inventory. She has a very refined “eye” and has created a sophisticated look, which she calls, an “eclectic mix”. It’s an impressive blend of French, industrial, architectural and garden. Very cool stuff. These photos will give you an idea of what you can expect to see in her booth at Music Valley this month.
So, as I sit here putting this together, looking out at the ice and snow, I find myself daydreaming about sitting in the warm sun, at the Morel Family Inn, looking out at the water. I have to say, I’m fighting the urge to drive south for a visit…today…oh yeah, great antiques, sunshine, and an oyster po’boy. I can be packed in 5 minutes.

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

In New Brunswick, IT WAS SO COLD….

That Cathy Consentino asked me to hold the phone, because there was a knock at her front door. It was snowman asking if he could sleep on her couch. Well, actually, I held while she lit her wood stove. She told me “we’re in the middle of a blizzard up here”. With twelve inches of snow already on the ground and plenty more on the way, you can be sure she’s looking forward to heading south for Antiques at Music Valley. She said it will take about three days to get from her home in Timber River, New Brunswick, Canada to Nashville, Tennessee. We’re looking forward to her arrival and we can’t wait to see what she brings. Cathy’s known for her great country furniture, quilts, hooked rugs, textiles and especially for her love of color. She specializes in antiques that have been made by hand and reflect “the time and pride that went into making them”.
Having been a full time dealer since 1982, she weathered the highs and lows of the economy and she’s enthusiastic about the current state of the antiques market. “Attitudes have changed in the U.S. People are excited about buying antiques again”. She was nice enough to send a few photos of items she’ll be bringing to Nashville so, we’ll have to forgive her for being the Patriots fan that she is.