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Sunday, January 31, 2010

Once in a lifetime offer-

I am prepared to make an offer to you- Antique Show Insider readers, a once in lifetime offer. One lucky reader will be granted set-up to tear down access of our shows in Nashville. Be there when it's all going together, see the behind the scenes interworkings of "Antiques Week In Nashville". I am offering a VIP All Access Pass to the biggest event in the history of antiques. All is ask for in return is two tickets to a football game of minimal importance between my beloved Colts and an opponent from Mississippi or Louisiana. Anyone prepared to meet those terms will certainly be rewarded with a spectacular antique experience.

P.S.-private jet service between Miami and Nashville is a plus.

Saturday, January 30, 2010

Nashville Tickets

Due to the miracle of the interweb thingy that we all seem to marvel at, tickets for Nashville are now available online.
The booth of Judith & James Milne at TAAS in New York-well done.

Friday, January 29, 2010

Eat This!!

One of our favorite things to do on the road is search out good food. While in New York last week, we had a very good Afghan meal. Hadn't tried it before, kind of like a Indian-Mediterranean fusion. Surprizingly good!! Had one of the best meals ever at Bombay Palace near the Folk Art Museum. The ridiculous photo is of Dad's lunch at Grotta Azzurra in Little Italy. This is the Lobster Fra Diavola. Start with a 2 pound lobster, add clams, mussels and about two pounds of spaghetti and red sauce. I don't think the whole table could have finished it.

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Riding off to a new home!!

Photos from the booth of Michael Whittemore at the Armory last week with the beloved red sold tags in view. Often it takes the industry a few days to reach a verdict, and the findings indicate that New York was a significant improvement over last year for most. While not a unanimous verdict, the optimism that we initially sensed has been validated.

Now it's time for Customers!

The last few weeks before any show hopefully involves an influx of calls and emails from customers calling asking questions about the upcoming show. In most cases, these questions involve simple who,what,where,when and how type answers. In others, they range from unique to downright bizarre. How warm should I dress (layered is always the answer), what type of shoes (comfortable) or would anyone there like to buy some newspapers I saved from the moon landing/Kennedy Assassination (no). Other favorites are "Is that crazy dealer from Pennsylvania going to be there? (That depends on your definition of crazy)

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Nashville Quilt Exhibition Details

Nashville Antiques Shows to Feature Special Exhibition of Ohio Amish Quilts- February 11-13, 2010

Nashville, TN- The Tailgate Antique Show and Antiques at Music Valley are proud to announce an important exhibition of Ohio Amish Quilts from the collection of Darwin D. Bearley. The collection has been assembled over a period of thirty years, and consists of over 150 quilts exclusively made by the Amish communities of Ohio from 1880-1940 including Crib Quilts, Lounge Quilts, Doll Quilts plus full size examples. A selection of over 20 quilts from the collection will be on display at the shows. Don’t miss this opportunity to view an important contribution to the material cultural heritage of the Ohio Amish communities.

The collection has been exhibited in institutions in the United States & Europe including:
The Annual International Quilt Festival, Houston Texas, The Bodensee Quilt Festival, Radolfzell, Germany, Quilt Expo, Lyon, France, the Museum of Our National Heritage, Lexington, MA.; Akron Art Museum, Akron, Ohio; the Canton Museum of Art, Canton, Ohio; Wright State University, Dayton, Ohio; The Mansfield Art Center, Mansfield, Ohio; The National Quilt Festival, Cincinnati, Ohio.

A limited edition exhibition catalog entitled, “Antique Ohio Amish Quilts, the Darwin D. Bearley Collection”, was published by Bernina Sewing Machine Company of Zurich, Switzerland to accompany the European exhibitions. This hard cover book contains 160 pages and shows 138 Antique Ohio Amish Quilts in full color. The photography and color are unsurpassed in any quilt book and the text is printed in English, French and German. The book is not available in bookstores but a limited number of copies will be available for purchase at the show.

Exhibition admission is free to patrons of the Tailgate Antique Show & Antiques at Music Valley. Both shows will be held February 11-13, 2010 at the Tennessee State Fairgrounds. For further information, visit or

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Nashville Press Release

Nashville Feb 10-13 400 dealers booked in Three Antiques Shows

Book signings, preview of new publication, and Amish quilt exhibit add to the special interest for ANTIQUES WEEK IN NASHVILLE at Tennessee State Fairgrounds and Nashville Convention Center

Nashville, Tenn. - Jenkins Management announces their two shows at Tennessee State Fairgrounds, ANTIQUES AT MUSIC VALLEY and TAILGATE ANTIQUE SHOW in conjunction with the ANTIQUES AND GARDEN SHOW at Nashville Convention for close to 400 exhibitors in Nashville at Antiques Week, Feb 10- 13, 2010.

This combination of the three shows offers customers, “More diversity”, according to Jenkins spokesperson, Jon Jenkins. “ The three shows working together in marketing and publicizing these events as ANTIQUES WEEK IN NASHVILLE, offers a comprehensive and wide ranging group of shows that are attracting national attention” he added. “With country, formal, garden, industrial, modern, continental, Americana, folk art, and decorative items to choose from, these 3 shows give patrons for their personal collections, decorators with clients, or professionals in the field an opportunity to shop one of the largest inventories in the country”.

ANTIQUES WEEK IN NASHVILLE consists of three events. Jenkins Management produces two shows at Tennessee State Fairgrounds, ANTIQUES AT MUSIC VALLEY and THE TAILGATE ANTIQUES SHOW. The TAILGATE ANTIQUES SHOW will open Thursday Feb 11 at 10:00 AM for early buyers with general admission at 1:00 PM. ANTIQUES AT MUSIC VALLEY will open at 6:00 PM for their preview party which includes a splendid array of hors d’oeuvres, ‘sweets, meats, and treats’ along with a cash bar for patrons. The ANTIQUES AND GARDEN SHOW opens Wednesday evening at the Nashville Convention Center with a gala preview party.

For the first time Jenkins is providing a free shuttle from the Fairgrounds to The Convention Center. This service, which begins Thursday February 11th, allows show customers to take advantage of free parking at the Fairgrounds rather than finding a lot with space available downtown.

Special events for the shows will include an internationally displayed and published Amish quilt exhibit from the personal collection of dealer and collector Darwin Bearley; a book signing by the author of At Home in Tennessee, Donna Dorian; and also the Premier of Jill Peterson’s new magazine, A Simple Life . The book signing, sponsored by Mad Anthony Books, will run Friday afternoon; Peterson’s magazine will be premiered during the MUSIC VALLEY ANTIQUES SHOW preview party, where she is also an exhibitor; and the quilt display will run the duration of the MUSIC VALLEY SHOW in the exhibition area

Monday, January 25, 2010

Colts Win and more from New York

Checked in with a few dealers today on their way home from New York and word from the shows seems to be pretty good. Talked to dealers at the Armory and Pier with solid results. Good news for a business in need of good news. Colts on the way to the Super Bowl, anyone know where any tickets are??

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Back from New York

got back last night from the New York Shows. Although we certainly didn't make everything, here is my report from the two Stella shows and The American Antique Show. I guess I would sum it up with the phrase "cautious optimism". Good crowds and enough sold tags to make the overall consensus that it was an improvement from last year. Still fairly spotty as far as the consistency of results- one dealer doing great next to another who was struggling. But the number of expensive items with sold tags was noticable. A few pictures tomorrow and off to the AFC championship later today.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

The Special Section is Here!!

Click on the image to see
your comprehensive guide to "Antique Week in Nashville 2010"

Monday, January 18, 2010

Here is a good blog from Music Valley dealer Judi Stellmach. She has a nice post on Stone Fruit that is informative.

Also, Tom and Rose at Period Antiques have launched a new website as well:


Busy Week- Stay Tuneds

Things are hopping around the office this week. Special section tomorrow and New York Wednesday. The section will have a blog link the second it is up online. Enjoy this photo from Music Valley dealer Matt Ehresman from the recent Hudson show.

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Off Topic, On Topic and New York

I would like to start out by thanking all the wonderful football fans from Baltimore who chose to visit Indianapolis last night to support the Browns. What they lacked in overall numbers, the made up for it in sheer obnoxiousness. Memo to Baltimore- show up, cheer, enjoy our hospitality and go home. Hanging out in roving packs of Hooligans and yelling at grandmothers may pass for entertainment in Baltimore, but it doesn't fly here. Scoreboard and have fun on your drive back to Cleveland err.... Baltimore.

Antiques Week in New York this week. Travelling to see the shows and talk to dealers. Two Stella Shows, TAAS and the Winter Show plus lots of other events. I'll try to post photos for those of you who have never been.

Special Section in Antiques and the Arts Weekly for Nashville hits this week. Tuesday online and Wednesday for print subscribers. I'll have it linked to the blog and websites as soon as it is available.

For those of you contemplating your travel plans to Nashville- we have a great hotel deal. The Homewood Suites on Elm Hill Pike is offering a $79 rate for show attendees. This is an all suite property and includes breakfast and food in the evening on Weeknights as well. Click on the Homewood Logo in this post to book and take advantage of this rate, which is about $30-$60 a night less than their regular rate. If you call, you must mention the rate code JEN to get that price.

Also like to let you know that the Botanic Garden Show put on by Stella in Chicago is back on this year. Definitely worth the trip and glad to see it back on the schedule.

Friday, January 15, 2010

Our little blog turns 30,000 (visits)

Not sure what this says- but I guess that 30,000 times in the last year, somebody didn't have much to do. Only a few thousand of them are my visits. Anyway- we'll keep blogging, you keep visiting.

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Antiques Week in Nashville- The Dealers

Just want to give you a preview of the tremendous opportunity that awaits patrons of this year's "Antiques Week in Nashville". Three Shows and over 350 dealers await customers from all over the country February 10-13. Scroll down and look at these amazing vendors.

Antiques at Music Valley

1750 House
American Heritage
American Spirit
Antiques at Hillwood Farm
Barleycorn Antique Prints
Barry Ezrin
Benting & Jarvis
Betsy Bond Dallaire
Bette & Melvyn Wolf
Bill Kelly
Bill Walton Antiques
Blue Dog Antiques
Bobbie Pries Antiques
Brad Selinger Antiques
Brown's Antiques
Buckingham Antiques
Bunny's Country Antiques
Cabin in the Woods
Carla Murphy/Doris Lawrence
Carnine Antiques
City Mouse-Country Mouse
Collectors Collections
Colleen Boland Freese Antiques
Country Courtyard
Country Treasures
Dan Freeburg
Darwin Bearley
Datha Doolin Antiques
David & Kim Leggett
David L. Proctor Antiques
DebraElizabeth Schaffer
Dennis & Valerie Bakoledis
Depot Antiques
Diane Gish
Finer Things Gallery
Frontier Homestead
Georgia Morel Antiques
Greg K. Kramer & Co
H. J. Hall Antiques
Halsey Munson
Hartman House Antiques
Hart's Country Antiques
Heart 'n' Hand Antiques
Higganum House Antiques
J. Compton Gallery
Jane Langol
Jason Parker Counce Designs
Jean & Roy Doty
Jim Stoma
John & Deborah Melby
Judson and Karen Fults
Kay Sharp
Lana Smith Antiques
Liberty Tree Antiques
Mad Anthony Books
Marc Witus
Marie Miller
Mario Pollo
Mary Elliott
Mary Sparger
Mary Webb
Mason & Yvonne Romans
Matthew Ehresman Antiques
Matthew House
Maxine Craft
Michael & Sally Whittemore Antiques
Miller House Antiques
Mustard House Antiques
Nancy & Craig Cheney Antiques
Newsom & Berdan
Oakland Art & Antiques
Over Hill Over Dale
Paddlewheel Antiques
Paisley Pineapple Antiques
Period Antiques
Perkins & Menson
Peter & Shirley Pijnappels
Peter Moses
Plain N' Simple Antiques
Private Placement Antiques
Richard Fuller Antiques
Richmond House
Ridgefield Gallery
Robert Horn
Robert Perry
Robert Zollinhofer
Rod & Susan Bartha
Ryan C. O'Reilly
Sandra Worrell
Sharon Pesek
Sniktaw Trading Co.
Stephen-Douglas Antiques
Stonecrop Antiques
Sue Gipe
Suhrprise Shop
Suzanne Baker
That Old Log House
Thomas Thompson
Timber River Farms
Tom Armitage
Tom Delach
VanDeest Antiques
Vi's Antiques
Worden Select Objects

Tailgate Antique Show

4 Friends and Brothers
A Wilder Place In Time
Alice Dewey Antiques
Anne & John Childs
B J Collectables
Barbara Goedeke
Barbara McDonald
Beaver Creek Antiques
Bob Techau
Bruce Mumford
Cabins on the Hill
Calkins House Antiques
Carol Kouyoumdjian
Carter's Antiques
Center Point Antiques
Christoper English
Classic American
Country Antiques
Country Corner Antiques
Country House Antiques
Country Meadows Antiques
Country Primitives
Country Squire Antiques
CoxsAntque Gallery
Dan & Debbie Schrum
Danny DeToma
David A. Noll
David And Carroll Swope
David Horst
Day's Antiques
Dennis & Dad Antiques
Don & Marta Orwig
Doug Wyant Antiques
East OF La
Easter Hill Antiques
Edna Hoffman
Emily Pfister
Fredrick A Bauer/Tularosa
French Vanilla
Gary Metz
George Timmons
Golden Lane Art & Antique Gallery
Granite Rooster
H. M. Davidson
Hoosier Boy Antiques
Ink Spot Gallery
J Hill Designs
J. Ronald Moyers
Jamie Gillespie
Jan Raber Antiques
Jean Herlihy Antiques
Jeff Walton Antiques
Jelly Cupboard Antiques
Jim Wark
Jim Worcester
Jim Yeager
Jo Ann Garrett
John Hirschelman
John Kennedy
Joy In the Morning
Kevin Scanlon
Kim Logan Antiques
Kim&Mary Kokles
Kindred Spirit Antiques
Kindred Spirits Antiques
Kracker Barrel Antiques
Lock 147 Antiques
Longpoint Creek Antiques
Magoun Bros.
Maine Attic Antiques
Marliyn Angel
Marsha Albrecht
McGlamery & Pelton
Missouri Plain Folk
Mixed Bag Antiques
ML Fancy Antiques
Monty Young Antiques
Mountain Lodge Antiques
Nancy McGlamery Antiques
Nancy Wells
Pam Bauer
Pat Stallings Antiques
Primitive Homeplace
Privy Antiques
Quintessential Antiques
Remember When Antiques
Rick & Dwan Mabrey
Ringstad Antiques
River Cabin Antiques
Riverview Antiques
Robert M. Conrad Antiques
Robertson Antiques
Russel Lintner
Sawyer Creek Antiques
Schoolhouse Antiques
Scott Rosenman Antiques/Gary Metz
Scott's Antiques
Sean Davis
Serendipity Antiques
Snow Leopard Antiques
Some Sharp Antiques
Sophies Treasures Antiques
Sparrow's Nest Antiques
Steven F. Still Antiques
Steven Peterson
The Buttr'y
Thomas M.Rawson Antiques
Timber Ridge Antiques
Time Worn Interiors
Tiques & Toys
Whitmores Antiques
Wooden Nickel Antiques

Antiques & Garden Show

Anthony Scornavacco
Antiquaire de France
Antique Cupboard
Arader Galleries
Bob Withington Antiques
Caroline Faison Antiques
Carroll Isaacs Gallery
Century Shop
Charles Edwin Puckett
Chuck Rawlings/Rawlings Antiques
Cross Gate Gallery
Dana Kelly Oriental Rugs
David A. Zabriskie Antiques and Appraisals
David Herndon
Decorative Artworks
Dede and Jim Taylor Antiques
Derek & Tina Rayment
Donald Storrar Bethune
Emily Dearman Antiques
Finnegan Gallery
Foxgloves, Inc.
Gold Leaf
J & M Antiques
J. M. Stringer Gallery of Fine Art
Janet Fanto Antiques & Rare Books
Jeff Littrell Antiques
Jesse Davis
Joseph M. Hayes Antiques
Kate A. Alex and Company
LaPoma & LaPoma
Linda & Howard Stein
Lotz's Antiques
Lucyanne Robinson
Luisana Designs & Antiques
M. McAlister
Margaret Doyle
Michael & Claire Higgins
Mongenas Antiques
Olivier Fleury, Inc.
Patty Keener & John LaFollette
Perry Joyce Fine Arts
Philadelphia Print Shop
Robert Burrows
Robin Rains Antiques
Seekers Antiques
Sharon McLean Antiques, Inc.
Somerset Antiques
Stanford Fine Art
The Crescent Collection, Ltd.
The King's House Antiques
The King's House Oriental Rugs
The Silver Vault
Thomas M. Fortner Antiques
Trace Mayer Antiques
Village Antiques & Interiors, Inc.
Whitehall Antiques
Zane Moss Antiques LTD
Horticultural Dealers

Al Linder
Antica Collection
Antique Maps & Works on Paper by Atmosphere Antiques
Antique Sanctuary
Antiques on the Main
Aviva Arts / whimseepots
Ben Caldwell Ben & Lael, Inc.
Bleeker Street
Campbell House Antiques
Caroline In The Country
Cascade Sales Inc.
Cheekwood Gift Shop
Cherchies Specialty Foods
Copper Artistry by TK Imports
Cottage Garden
David Allan Ramsay
Druid Tree Service
Elliott & Elliott Art & Antiques
Firehouse Antique Center
Flo-Blue Shoppe, LTD
Frank Jacobs
Georgia Morel Antiques
Gourmet Nutrition, Inc.
Gracia Home by Evy McPherson
Graham\'s Outdoor Living
Greathouse Landscaping
Heather Lane Pottery
Hewell's Pottery Inc.
Horizons LTD
House About It
How Cute!
Jalan-Jalan Antiques
Kimball & Bean Garden Antiques
Kristine Riis Designs
Laval Antiques
Lines Orchids, Inc.
Madison James Inc.
Mark Morris Home and Garden Collection
Michael Peters Antique
Mister T's Patio
Moss Studios
Nature's Creations - Natural Jewelry
New Brookland Bird House
Outdoor Lighting Perspectives-Mosquito Squad
Peony's Envy Flower Farm
Poise & Ivy
Roberts Antiques
Robin Wade Furniture
Rosewalker Design Project
Sandstone Gardens
Scarlett Scales Antiques
Schorr & Dobinsky
Selective Gardener Catalog
South Pointe Gallery
Southern Light
Stone Fence Pottery
Stony Lonesome
Summer Classics
The Art of Film & Paint
Tom Rice
Trent Gibbs Pottery
William C. Wood Collection
Worden Select Objects

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Nostalgia and Country at Springfield This Weekend

Two specialty shows this weekend at the Springfield Show. Ralph and Linda Miller will create a "Winter Gathering" their successful twice yearly antique show focusing on Country Americana. The Mid-America Toy Show will debut in the Youth Building. The great thing about toys is the envoke a certain nostalgia. I still remember wondering "What exactly is inside Stretch Armstrong that allows him to stretch and distort like that?" What toys bring up those feelings in you? Come see and relive the memories this weekend.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

More Photos

Still life courtesy Robert Perry, Bench and quilt from Brad
Selinger, Booth photo courtesy Stephen Douglas

Back from the road.

After a brief, cold road trip up to the Hudson, Ohio show Sunday- it's picture time. Exceptionally nice stuff at Hudson, with great dealers. I'll be posting photos today so enjoy. These two photos from Newsom/Berdan and Missouri Plain Folk.

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Road Trip

It's 5:30 a.m. on Sunday morning. The only people awake in the hotel lobby are a group of Marines. It is also 4 degrees outside, but we're on our way to the Hudson, Ohio show. I'll try to take some photos and blog on the way home. Stay warm.

Friday, January 8, 2010

Everyone likes a little sugar.

Sugar Chest photo courtesy Don & Marta Orwig. Been uploading pictures to the Tailgate and Music Valley Dealer directory. Take a look for yourselves.

Ad Season

Here is the Maine Antiques Digest Ad for Nashville. Still adding dealers every day, so keep checking the websites for updates!!
Environmentally Friendly Thought of the Day:
If everyone stopped washing their hands, it would certainly conserve a tremendous amount of water.

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Three for the price of one next weekend in Springfield

The January 16 & 17 Springfield Show will offer a rare treat. Not one, but two specialty shows. Ralph and Linda Miller will promote the "Winter Gathering" their popular semi-annual show. The January show will also feature the debut of the Mid -America Toy Show. These two shows, plus the Springfield Antique Show & Flea Market. Lot's of shopping opportunities for only $3.SS

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Behind the Curtain of Mystery(w/sarcasm)

Ok everyone, the blog promises insiders secrets to the exciting world of show management. Today we deliver the goods. I have changed names to protect the innocent.
Today we proofed and approved an ad for Nashville. Clarissa(not her real name) assisted in the development of this ad for a publication. After it is done, a proof is sent so everyone can collectively tear it to pieces. Another proof is generated with changes. After this proof is approved, we all sit around and tell each other how good the ad looks. I'm not making this up folks- true insider access. Maybe I'll have something of substance later tonight.

Monday, January 4, 2010

2010 awakens with a vengeance.

Don't know about everyone else, but it seems the world woke up this morning. Dealer phone calls, putting up new website photos and working on ads. I think everyone really enjoyed the holidays, but was ready to get back to work. Thinking that all of you will enjoy the Antiques & The Arts Weekly special section for Nashville that will come out in a few weeks. Our January Springfield Show Next Weekend features not one, but two specialty shows. The Mid-America Toy Show and A Country Gathering will add a special twist. In addition, getting ready for a busy travel month. Hudson, Ohio, Antiques Week in New York, York,Pa and Nashville Flea Market combined with our Springfield and Nashville Shows. Stay Tuned.

Come See Our Tiger Woods

Tiger Maple Woods to be exact. These photos courtesy of Don & Marta Orwig and American Spirit. No scandal here, just great surface.

Sunday, January 3, 2010

No Bull, We're Not Clowning Around

As part of our determined effort to bring you the best antiques, we are starting a no bull-we're not clowning around policy. Both items are from Sniktaw Trading Company and will be in Nashvilee- unless one of you buys them first. If anyone wants contact info for pricing or information about items that you see on the blog- simply request in a comment and I will pass it along. Remember folks- most of this stuff is for sale and that's the point. A Winn Dixie in Alabama is missing it's bull sign, and somewhere this clown escaped from the gallery.

Friday, January 1, 2010

All Dressed up for the Holidays

This guy is all ready for Nashville. Photo is from Tom Delach.

Starting off the New Year at a fast pace!

Okay- I'm starting off the New Year at a brisk blogging pace. I'll try to post photos sent by dealers for the website when I can.
Enjoy this Black Hawk Weathervane from American Spirit Antiques.

Antiques & Garden Show of Nashville

Happy New Year- just want to let everyone who doesn't already know about Antiques Week In Nashville 2010. Along with our two shows, Music Valley and Tailgate, we will be joined by the Antiques & Garden Show. This important show, now celebrating it's 20th anniversary, will take place February 10-13 at the Nashville Convention Center. This is just a few minutes away from our location at the Tennessee State Fairgrounds. The combination of these 3 events in Nashville and their 350 exhibitors makes February 10-13 a can't miss destination for collectors, dealers and designers. Enjoy this picture from Lana Smith's booth and make plans to attend now.