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Thursday, February 26, 2009

Sinus Infection

My annual post Nashville sinus infection is in full bloom. My blogging juices are stifled by congestion. Slowly feeling better.

Just starting to go through the photos. More to come.


Monday, February 23, 2009

Thank You

Just returning home this evening from an incredible week. I took over 400 photos, so stay tuned. Will try to get some up on the website and blog in the next few days. Would like to take the opportunity to thank a lot of people starting with-

1. Our dealers- great effort which often goes under appreciated- you created a tremendous show.

2. Our staff- couldn't even think about doing it without you

3. Our customers- we hope you loved what you saw and are looking forward to coming back

4. TN State Fairgrounds- for welcoming us with open arms and making us feel right at home

5. Suppliers- walls, showcases, tables, carpet and a lot of other things go into the show

6. Trade papers- thanks for helping get the word out.

7. Other people who help- you know who you are-



Thursday, February 19, 2009

Better Than A Trip to the Dentist

Hello everyone,

The show is shaping up beautifully- we are looking forward to seeing everyone who has been following. See you all this weekend.

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Getting the wheels turning.

It's time to get this thing started. Let's get the gears & wheels turning. In Nashville today and tomorrow we start building the show. Stay tuned for details. We will try to document the creation of what you'll see starting Thursday and Friday. Thanks to Lynn Worden for the photo of these industrial wheels/gears???

Help Wanted

Just bought this nice little maple stand and would like to bring it to Nashville but I need help. Could any of your bloggers tell me how to get these darn lines out of this maple. It's driving me crazy.
I always recommend a belt sander as a good starting point. If that doesn't work- a quart of good enamel paint- maybe lime green. It's a shame those stripes would ruin a good useable table. Anyone else have any suggestions?

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Shocking, Unprecedented Behind the Scenes Access!

When I started blogging I did promise behind the scenes information from the fascinating world of antiques show management (sarcasm). So here it goes- what is going on a week before the show.

1. Talking with dealers about the last minute details of their booths- tables, paper color, walls, showcases, set-up times, hotel info- etc.

2. Talking with customers about tickets, dealers, hotels-etc.

3. Talking with PR person about media coverage, press releases, TV & Radio

4. Talking with suppliers about staging, set up and tear down.

5. Printing invoices, booth signs, show programs

6. Finalizing ads

7. Hoping customers show up and buy a lot of antiques.

8. Make sure clothes are to the dry cleaners and last minute travel details are taken care of.

I suppose this fascinating look at the exciting world of antique show management might seem overwhelming (sarcasm), but I did promise the blog would offer this. Maybe I can get dealer and customer perspective. Truly fascinating.

Monday, February 9, 2009

Scene being repeated across our great land!

Bill Walton needs help loading his cast iron stove on his truck. Anyone in western Tennessee with a good back please stop by. Dealers are in their garages, shops, storage units & barns deciding what to take to Nashville. Unfortunately, no one has invented a self loading truck. Remember to lift with your legs.

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Nice Blanket Box-No Pancakes

Dan Freeburg sent me this photo of a very nice Pennsylvania Blanket Box. Enjoy-
I am trying to have a normal weekend day today and wanted to make pancakes, but have no pancake mix and don't want to go to the grocery store. Graham has come to expect pancakes on Sunday and is not happy. Going to get really busy in the next week getting ready to leave for Nashville. Will try to keep posting.

Saturday, February 7, 2009

A New Favorite

Mike from MT Folk Art writes:
Been trying to buy this 6 foot long Whirligig for the past 10 years or so. Finally happened. He is coming to Nashville. See you guys soon.

Friday, February 6, 2009

Tonight Show Links for painting cat!

Above are the links to the Tonight Show website that has stills of the segment from the Tonight show of our famous painting cat. The video is also up on the February 2nd show. Above is a photo of Graham wearing his new glasses. He was screaming immediately before and after this photo. Not sure this moment ever happened.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Another Favorite Story

Our first show at Nashville as an exhibitor almost happened by chance. Ralph and I were coming to shop the shows. Someone suggested we set up. We called and said we were loaded and could come on short notice. Barbara called back; she had had a cancellation; could we really be there? That was a few days from the show. That may have been in the tent behind The Scoreboard. The weather was cold and the parking lot had been covered in snow. Our dog, Kathryn, was with us; she stayed in the car with the motor running. The opening was on a Wednesday night from 3-5 pm. The lights were so dim you could not see. We sold 3 folk art sheep that were mid 20th century. While the conditions were terrible in that first show; it was our best show ever at that time! We were hooked!! We have met wonderful people, sold a lot of merchandise, learned a lot (and still learning), and had a lot of fun.

Remember the February Tailgate and no hot water? We were several days without! We cheered the maintenance technician who worked so hard to keep everything working!!One year, we had a feast which consisted of leftovers from "The Heart". No names will me mentioned, but Bobby, Tom, Emily, and Mary were a few dealers who broke bread together.

Ralph and I tend to remember dealers by their pets -- Buzz, was a pit bull whose parents sold folkart; Susie's father, BIll, specialized in civil war era; Rosebud, a robust, loveable golden retriever, who had to be carried upstairs because she was terrified of the open stairs; Tasha, the corgie, who can't be separated from Datha. While Laura and Robert, Ralph and I became friends meeting as neighbors on the 3rd floor, Puggles and Kathryn were noisy rivals. Of course, Dawyn and Rick's bulldogs - are always a hit. None us can forget Jack, the wonderful English sheep dog rescued by Mr. Knight. The love and bond between the two brought tears to many of us. Thank you -- Steve, Barbara, and JonThe Millers, Miller House Antiques

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Our Special Section Makes the Tonight Show

For those of you who stayed up and watched Jay Leno last night, the special section for the Nashville show was featured on the Headlines segment on Monday's Tonight Show. Page 7 of the section features an ad from Zollinhofer Antiques with the following photo and caption:

Self Portrait of cat
on artist brd, ca 1920

Jay commented "that's one talented cat"

If I can get the video from the NBC site, I will thy to put it up.

Monday, February 2, 2009

Favorite Stories

Hi there -

I remember the first Nashville show we did we broke down in Moosic PA - had to jettison the trailer in a parking lot.....somewhere.....whilst the van was being worked on - two days later we were reunited with the trailer and off, leaving Wilkes Barre at 3:30 in the afternoon on Monday - rolled into Nashville dead tired at 7:00 the next morning, just in time for set up. We were on the second floor outside of the Radison next to folks from Michigan - we watched hearts in our throats as they leveraged two enormous corner cupboards up and out over the concrete railing to twist them to get them into their room. My load got caught in the elevator as the opening on the second floor was not as high as the opening on the was such an adventure, and sales were great. The first year in the tent (still next to our now friends from Michigan) we sold our last 'back up' piece from the trailer at 10:00 OPENING day........along with 46 hooked rugs............those were the days.

Cheers, Cathy


I vividly remember the first tent show too! We were all apprehensive about not being in the hotel and how would a tent work. I've never seen that many sold tags ever at a show. Mark Morris's booth had so many sold tags, it looked like another dealer was playing a practical joke.

Sunday, February 1, 2009

More Stories

About ten years ago, we brought a wonderful, early hooked rug featuring a series of interlocking hearts to Nashville. It was Valentine's Day weekend and the rug was prominently displayed in our booth.

A couple on their honeymoon saw the rug. Looking at one another, the husband softly said to his wife, "This will our wedding gift to one another."

It was such a special moment. When they purchased the rug, we tied a large red ribbon around it.

Upon returning home, the couple sent us a lovely note to let us know how much they loved the rug ... and, obviously, one another!

We have seen the couple in Nashville several times in the ensuing years and they have made additional purchases from us. Whenever we see them, they always share that their heart rug continues to a source of joy for them.... and, now, for their three children as well.

Knowing that they were able to find such a special gift in our booth has been an ongoing source of delight for us, too.

All our best,
Doug and Bev

Favorite Stories

For several years...I have been planning all my vacations around the Tailgate and Music Valley shows at Nashville...My friends and I would load up and have so much fun...Shopping and Buying...IT was certainly a big event to look forward to twice a year...Regardless of the weather...We were there..... I met Ralph and Linda Miller in 1998 //They were at the top of the stairs in the Fiddlers' Motel.. Their room was always the first one that we would head to when we got there...They always have such wonderful early painted things...They had an Early Green Painted Apothecary in their booth...I could not get away from Nashville without buying that wonderful piece...That sale between us started up a Friendship that neither time nor distance has ever seperated...Before long...they meet my husband and we were making trips to Carroll Ohio to buy from them...From the very beginning..IT was if we had known each other forever..By this time...We had already opened an Antique shop and was talking about having a show on our property...We just happened to be sitting at Linda and Ralph's dinner table and they immediately said that they wanted to be the first ones to sign up...The rest is pretty much history.. They know so much about Antiques and Primitives and have really taught us a lot..We consider them both part of our Family....BE sure and go by The Creative Arts Building Booth #31 and shop with Linda and Ralph Miller (aka )Miller House Antiques...You will be glad you did...I know that I certainly am... *Not only will you find Wonderful Antiques and Primitives at The Nashville shows but you never know who you may meet that will stay in your life forever...Long Live The Music Valley and Tailgate Shows.........

Jimmy and Ruth Rochelle
Primitive Homeplace

Holy Cow, 25 years you say. My favorite list includes selling a painted red ware candle mold to Clark Garrett, all night parties, seeing something I had sold early in the week appear at the Opryland on preview night with an extra zero on the price tag, picking lots of great things I should have kept, the night John T. Roth almost got me killed downtown Nashville, all night parties, all the dealers and friends who are no longer with us, realizing how much I did not know or understand, making some of my best sales, learning from some of the best in this business, watching Dick Robeson unpack for five days and still not get it all out, meeting David Good who I have long respected and relish as a friend and did I mention the all night parties. See you guys soon,

Michael Naylor (M T Folk Art)

I have many, many wonderful memories of the Tailgate Show because I've exhibited there for over 20 years. Lifelong friendships were formed, concerns for other dealers who were ill or unable to come with follow-up as to their condition existed and still does. We dealers know of the ongoing hard work that goes into making our show so special and we are ever appreciative. In these present economic times, we all have to remember that we are in this together and collegiality is so important from everyone. We are hoping and planning for our next show to be the very best ever!

Jo Ann Garrett

I can remember when as shoppers, we used to get paper tags to prove we had paid the admission fee for early buying. Then one year the colorful "early buying" buttons appeared. I have kept those buttons. I suppose it was a way to preserve some fond memories and to prove I had been there. Each year as February approaches I consider wearing all of those buttons on a jacket. Has anyone else kept their buttons? How many do you have? Should this be the year to wear them?

Mary DeBuhr