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Thursday, December 31, 2009

Happy New Year, Nashville 6 weeks and counting

Hope the holidays have found everyone healthy, warm and able to spend time with family. Well- I guess 2 out of three isn't bad. Busy getting some end of year things done and gearing up for 2010. Will be posting photos to the Taigate and Music Valley websites n he next few days. So be sure to take a look at the fresh merchandise photos. Also, proud to announce that our February shows will feature an important exhibtion of Amish Quilts from the collection of Darwin Bearley. More details and photos on that to follow.

Monday, December 14, 2009

Anyone need a sled.

Looking for a Christmas present to keep the kids active during the winter and out of the house. How about a sled. This selection of sleds was offered by Sniktaw Trading Co. at our October show. Hasn't snowed here yet, but still hoping for a white Christmas for Graham.

Friday, December 11, 2009

Springfield This Weekend, Nashville on my mind.

Help spread some holiday cheer at this weekend's Springfield Show. Simply bring a non-perishable food item which will be donated to local food banks, to help with their holiday programs. February Nashville is coming up, enjoy this picture from last year's show of Frank Martin and Thurston Nichol's booth.

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Sleeping at the Wheel.

Okay- it's been a while and no excuses for the absence. Just been busy and not blogging. Taking some time to recharge the batteries and prepare for upcoming shows. Visit a new favorite- - another view on the show business.

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Nashville Customer Hosts Saturday Night Live

Over the years at our Nashville shows, many country music stars have shopped Tailgate and Music Valley. Not being much of a country music fan, I never really thought much about it. Last weekend Taylor Swift and her family shopped both shows and she was very gracious about signing autographs and taking pictures with customers and dealers. She also did a great job of hosting SNL last night. In my book country music isn't that big a deal, but hosting SNL is. Springfield is coming up in two weeks, featuring the Horn of Plenty Antiques Market in the Youth Building. Visit

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Back from Nashville

The pace at Nashville was just too much for these weary dealers, so they just gave up and expired outside their booth during set-up. Tom and Paula VanDeest were displaying a pair of fraternal skeletons, but couldn't resist taking a Halloween themed photo during set-up. Check out a bunch of pictures from the show on our Flick account.
Thanks to our photographer Michael for taking the time to take, upload and caption the photos.

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Extravaganza Article

Here is the recent review of Extravaganza in Antiques and the Arts Weekly:


Springfield today- then off to Nashville.

Getting ready to head south to warmer weather. This unusual early cold snap has most of us thinking early December. Just posted a bunch of new pictures on the Music Valley and Tailgate Dealer Directories. Click on the links on the blog and take a look at the fresh merch. Lot's of great stuff. Hope to see everyone there.

On a personal note, Graham is making beginning strides in potty training. Didn't think it was possible to get that excited about pee pee.

Monday, October 5, 2009

Back from Texas

Every once in a while, we put on our antique dealer hat. Here is our booth from the Marburger Farm Show in Texas. We returned with less merchandise than we took, which is always a good thing. Good results in dealer recruiting for upcoming shows and the dealer cookout at Leftovers was once again successful. No participants reported getting ill after eating the food.

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Caption This??

Reviewing photos from Springfield last weekend, and for some reason, this is one of my favorites. Please help by providing an appropriate caption, winner to receive international fame and notoriety on a semi-unimportant blog of note. My best so far-

"Architectural Lost and Found" or "Look what the Extravaganza dragged in"

Your thoughts?

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Springfield and the week ahead.

After what can only be described as a very good Springfield Extravaganza, I am attempting to recover, rest and get ready for the trip to Texas. Good crowds, good weather and mostly encouraging dealer reports make me think that better days may be on the horizon. We bought some really great things, including a grandfather clock, Pennsylvania chest of drawers, grain painted jelly cupboard and a few other things. Springfield continues to amaze. More tomorrow.

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Nice Day for Shopping

Here is a picture from last weekend's Farmington show. Like I had mentioned, couldn't have been much better shopping weather. Finalizing the last few details for the Springfield show next weekend and eagerly anticipating the first Sunday of the NFL season today.

Friday, September 11, 2009

This Just In!!

On the road home from Farmington and Brimfield. Blogging from the passenger seat of the rental truck hoping that Pennsylvania is almost over. If there was only a way to move Pennsylvania north of Lake Erie and slide Ohio over, the drive wouldn't be so bad. Home for 1 night and off to Chicago to see U2 Saturday night. I was very encouraged by the results at Farmington. Shows still aren't great across the board, but I talked to many dealers who were very pleased with results. Wish things were more consistently good, but economy needs to keep moving in the right direction before we'll see that. Brimfield crowds appeared to be strong, but wasn't able to develop much of a consensus of how things went. I don't remember any better show weather from Farmington to Thursday of Brimfield. Hope it continues through Springfield next weekend. For those of you who have never been, Extravanganza almost has to be seen to be believed. Very busy booking spacesw and excited about it. I'll try to post photos later on today or tomorrow.


Friday, August 28, 2009

Memories of Atlantique City

Sad to hear about the cancellation of the Atlantic City show. Many years ago as a teenager, I remember reading the press release about a new show at the Atlantic City Convention Center in Maine Antiques Digest. I told my dad that it sounded like it was going to be big, and he signed up for the first show. We did the show for many years and got to know the founder Norm Schaut. He truly was a great promoter in the truest since of the word. Also got to know Ted & Diane Jones, who managed the show. Have many great memories of late nights at the casinos and early mornings at the show. Caffeine was a necessity. It will be missed.

Thursday, August 27, 2009

And so you're back-from outer space

With apologies to Gloria Gaynor and her 70's anthem of female empowerment (I Will Survive), I am returning with gusto to the blog. My apologies to the one or two of you who might have missed during a short blogbatical (blog+sabbatical). My absence was complicated by the loss of a family member and writing today is a brief respite from dealing with the issues that you have to deal with.
Check out this link to where Springfield is recognized as one of the America's best flea markets-

I love the smell of free press in the morning, it smells like victory.
Farmington is next weekend, hope to see some of you there.


Friday, August 14, 2009

Springfield Set up

Fun stuff found at Springfield this morning-more photos later.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Manchester-Part 1

I will break up my review into of last week's trip into several posts. I will also try to paint pictures with my words as Continental Airlines broke my camera (slowly getting over this).

The first show to open was Frank Gaglio's Manchester Pickers Market on Monday morning. Much has been made over the facility change for both of his shows, but coming from someone who recently experienced a facility change (Nashville), the new facility was tremendous. The Furniture World building was bright, well lit and spacious. The facility mandated a somewhat quirky floorplan, but the overall feel of the building and the displays put on by the dealers were top notch. Frank calls this a picker's market, but it is that in name only. Over 80 first rate dealers pulled out all the stops to put on a visually impressive display of Americana. As with most shows, the results from dealers appeared to run the gamut from "great" to "I would have liked to sold more" and everything else in between. But with current market conditions, most indicated they were pleased. I also noticed some new pricing on items that were more in line with the economy. Many dealers with pricing adjustments were rewarded with sales, and in this business, cash flow is still king. If anyone has any photos from the show, email me and I will share them on the blog.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Special Thanks to Continental Airlines!

In another post under the "up on my soapbox series", I cannot fail to thank a few people at Continental. While boarding a plane from Cleveland to Manchester, NH last week, I was told I had to check my carry on as the overhead bins were full. Now, never one to pack lightly I was faced with a dilema- our arms were full with baby gear and everything that travelling with a small child requires. I grabbed my laptop out of my bag and reluctantly surrendered my bag with assurances of extreme care. Needless to say I wasn't happy to find that my new Sony DSLR camera was ruined when I unpacked it on arrival. Now, it was in a padded camera bag inside a piece of luggage, so one would think it would be safe. When returning to the airport for the trip home politely offered the "electronics and delicate items are not covered" garbage. I will be contacting their customer service line as "sorry" doesn't cut it on a $750 camera that they insisted go into gate check luggage. Needless to say, not many pictures from the trip which means none for the blog. Please pass this story on to others so others don't make the same mistake.

Back from New Hampshire and Maine-off to Springfield

Back from 11 days on the road, including a stretch of 7 consecutive days at shows. Whew-a break would be nice, but not on the schedule as our Springfield Show is this weekend. Our August show features "A Country Gathering". Ralph and Linda Miller have assembled a great group of dealers who will display in the Youth Building as well as several hundred other indoor and outdoor dealers. Hope to see you there.

Monday, August 3, 2009

Don't be fooled by wooden watermelon!


Althought the surface and patina on the wooden watermelon was very convincing, and promoter Frank Gaglio did a great job of finding a new facility and staging his show today- you shouldn't be fooled enough to eat it. Better luck tomorrow.


Friday, July 31, 2009

Off to Manchester- Read this blog too!

The August shows in New Hampshire represent a great opportunity for all of us involved (customers, dealers and promoters). Going up for a week to talk to dealers, do a show and try to take the pulse of the market. Hope to see a lot of people up there. Also like to point out another blog of interest. Andrew and Hollie blog at about being young collectors. They also write for Maine Antiques Digest as well as work in the industry. Take some time to check it out- I do and always find what they write interesting and relevant.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Sometimes a sign says it all!

I put this sign on the bench in Dad's booth at Brimfield last week as part joke/part editorial content. Found the sign at our Springfield show. Getting ready to go to the New Hampshire shows. Hope to see some of you there.

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Brimfield and back!

Spent the last four days in Brimfield and the usual things happened- bought, sold, recruited dealers you'll see at upcoming shows. Resting now and looking forward to Graham's 2nd birthday party this Sunday.

Saturday, July 4, 2009

New Facebook Group

Finally got around to forming a Facebook groups for our Nashville, Farmington & Springfield shows. For those of you familiar, great way to contact, discuss and meet people with common interests. For those of you not using Facebook, you'd be suprised how many people you know are. Have a great 4th.

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Stuff we found at Springfield

Here are a few photos of things that were discovered at last weekends Springfield show. It's hard not buy cool things at great prices when you see them. Getting ready for a few days off-enjoy the 4th.

Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Back from Springfield!!

Just back from our June show in Springfield. Although the heat kept some away, there were a few great finds. Taking some time off and heading to Brimfield late next week. Will try to take a few photos. We don't have a show until August Springfield. Planning a few new projects during the time off.

Friday, June 19, 2009

This weekend!

For those of you looking for a show this weekend, try out the Pleasant Hill show in Kentucky. Good quality show at the Shaker Village. Visit for details. Springfield June Antique Fest next weekend. Busy booking dealers.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Fresh Ground Coffee For All!!

Just back from our Farmington show. Good weather, good crowd and good reports of sales. An interesting photo of 3 great coffee grinders at the show. Moving on to our June Springfield show next week. Just formed a Fans of Springfield Antique Show on Facebook. Click hear to join the group.

Friday, June 12, 2009

Graham Hijacks the blog again!!

Preparing for the Farmington Antiques Weekend is very hard work. Sign placement is very imporatant, and not yet being two years old, the signs seem very large. The fact I don't know what they say isn't as important as getting them in the right place. I hope to see you this weekend.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

While I was away--

I've been a bad blogger lately. In wrapping up the May Extravaganza, travelling to Brimfield and getting ready for Farmington, I haven't been paying much attention to my blog. In hindsight, other than the lousy weather forecast on Saturday, the show went well from our perspective, with good feedback from dealers and customers. For those of you who missed it, our show in June is the 26th-28th. The Farmington Antiques & Design Weekend is June 13-14. Over 175 great dealers will display a wide range of quality merchandise. Click on the Farmington link for more info. Going to the Fairhaven, Ohio and Heartland show in Richmond, Indiana this weekend. Thanks to Michael for the photo.

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Exhausting world of show management

As we are still recovering from an exhausting few weeks, I thought I would share this photo of an unidentified show manager hard at work at last weeks Extravaganza. When questioned, he explained that he was "in deep thought"

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Post Extravaganza

Greetings all and sorry for not posting more. The last week and a half have been exhilirating, exhausting and have left me at a loss for words (and photos). Brimfield and Springfield back to back is not for the faint of heart. Both shows had good crowds and lots of energy. As my brain starts to unwind, I will share some thoughts and stories, but need a day or two to recover. I would also welcome some other perspectives- simply email your Extravaganza stories or observations to and I can share them with everyone.



Thursday, May 7, 2009

Hectic Pre-Show Schedule

Sorry for the lack of blogging recently- gearing up for the next two shows- Springfield Extravaganza next weekend followed by Farmington the second week in June. I am going to Brimfield the early part of next week and will be back in Springfield Thursday. Hope many of you can make the trip- early indicators point to a large show with lots of great stuff. If anyone takes any pictures at Springfield that they want to pass on and share on the blog, let me know. Will do my best to share photos that I take as well.

Monday, April 27, 2009

A Nice Springfield Story

Back from the basement, I thought I would start the week with a reminder that the business isn't always about the stuff, but the people.

DEER Sellers.... Our Springfield Extravaganza storyLast year we visited the Springfield Antique Show Extravaganza for the first time. We had been stumbling around all day in a state of wonder and bliss when my eye caught a vintage ceramic bambi figurine. We had recently sold one to someone across the country and my then 3 year old daughter was heartbroken. We had no idea she had grown to love this little guy. Unfortunately-the person who purchased Bambi emailed us to let us know that Bambi had gotten a broken leg during shipment and she returned the now 3 legged figurine to us for a refund. This further saddened our daughter who immediately took the broken pieces to her room and gingerly placed them on her dresser with refusals to let it go. When I saw the similar Bambi figure at the Springfield show-I knew we had to get it for our daughter. I started toward the seller when my daughter also noticed the figure, ran past me and asked the seller if she would take her last $5.00 for the figure. I told the seller her story and whispered to her that I would pay the remaining balance if she would let my daughter believe she had made a deal for it. The seller refused to take our money, sold it to my daughter for $5.00 and made everyones weekend. Needless to say-Bambi now stands beside the 3 legged Bambi on her dresser (she wont let that one go!) and we are excited to make the trip this year as both buyers and SELLERS!

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Graham Asks- why can't we all just get along?

Daddy took this picture of one antique dealer trying to strangle another dealer in Texas. Although I'm not yet 2 years old and in no position to lecture on maturity- I think these two need a time out.

Friday, April 10, 2009

Our first outdoor Springfield of 2009!

Mark your calendar's, load up the family truckster without delay and join us next weekend in Springfield. The April show is always an exciting pre-cursor to the May Extravaganza. Anyone like to guess how many customers are in this photo. I used photoshop to count one time- if anyone gets withing 10 people, I'll send you a free season's pass.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Graham In Texas- Part 2

Daddy told me that red tags and dots in booths are good- This is Don Schweikert's booth at the Rifle Hall Show. It looks like he is all sold out of furniture-too bad he will now have to work so hard to find more.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Graham goes to Texas

My name is Graham Jenkins. Although I am just 20 months old and possess a vocabulary that consists of a few words, grunts and shrieks, my daddy has asked me to blog about my trip to Texas and the Round Top shows. This photo was taken at my party at the Leftovers shop in Brenham on Thursday evening. Over 150 people came and my daddy and grandpa cooked pork chops, brisket and baked beans. Daddy tried to tell me the party was for antique dealers, but I know it really was for me. The party was so much fun, I actually pooped my pants. How many of you can say you've been to a party that fun recently. I'll post some more pictures later and tell you more about my trip.

Friday, March 27, 2009

On The Road- Almost

Although I won't make any Kerouac references (have to chalk it up to a generational thing) we are slowy getting ready to make the trip down to Texas for the Round Top Shows to recruit dealers for upcoming shows. For those of you who have never been, I will be blogging towards the middle of the the week and will be sure to take my camera.

Monday, March 23, 2009

Springfield News-

May Extravaganza Patrons-

Just a quick reminder to secure your hotel reservations asap- the May Show (15th-17th) is the same weekend as a college graduation in the area. Go to the for complete hotel info. We really like the Courtyard by Marriott which offers an $84 rate which includes breakfast for two.

The picture is from the booth of Oakland Art & Antiques at our Nashville show and features a great snake stand.

Springfield Stories #3

2 years ago I went to the show and since I didn't really need anything big I drove my little Honda. We are 3 1/2 hours away so I figured I'd save gas money driving it instead of the truck. Of course I found a large step-back cupboard that was too wonderful to pass up and I bought it. The dealer was from Ada, Ohio and he said he would haul it to his house if I couldn't find a way to get it home. I happended to run into some friends at the show that lived in my town and I talked them into seeing if the cupboard would fit in the back of their mini van. Oh my gosh....we spent an hour trying to get the top of the cupboard in the back of the van....and finally without an inch to spare we got the door shut. Then we spent about another hour shoving the bottom of the cupboard into the back of my little Honda. Of course we couldn't shut the back hatch so I used some bunge straps to keep it shut. So we drove home 3 1/2 hours with the back half way open. Needless to say it was a loud trip home with all the traffic and semis on the interstate. The things we do for antiques!

Debbie Martin

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Springfield Stories #2

From Deb:

I have attended the Extravaganza's buying and selling for several years (probably 10). Two years ago I was out shopping and spotted a beautiful cream and green enalmelware stove, you know one of those really heavy one's that takes alot of Wheaties to move. It was Friday morning and it was priced at $150, after thinking about it, I decided that I really did not need another heavy thing to haul home, so I passed on it. Later in the day, probably 4 hours later, I walked back by again and noticed it had been marked down to $100, evidently he wanted to be sure he did not have to haul it home too. Yes, I bought it, paid for it and left my business card with him and told I would drive by with trailer that night to get it.

I ventured on my merry way thinking where in the shop I would put it and how I would decorate around it to make it more interesting. I was not gone from his booth 20 minutes and my cell phone rang. It was a dealer who was in from out of town shopping and said they were at the booth where I had purchased the stove. They really wanted it and wanted to know if I would sell it to them for $300. Of course I jumped on that, evidently the dealer I bought it from had not told them what I paid, and they wanted this stove bad, she said she had the perfect spot in her shop for it. I quickly made my way back to that booth, sold the stove to them and gave the dealer I bought it from a nice reward. We all left happy.

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Springfield Stories Part One

I sent out a newsletter earlier this week asking for stories this week about your favorite memories of the Springfield Antique Show & Flea Market. It can be a memory of family, friends, something you found or a funny story. Email your stories to - if I use your story, you will recieve a 2009 season pass. I'll kick it off with one of my favorites.

About 8 or 9 years ago, I was riding in a golf cart down one of the aisles heading back to the show office. It was very crowded, so I was not able to go very fast, and I was looking at booths as I waited for traffic to clear. I suddenly stopped as realized that I just driven past what appeared to be an 18th Century tiger maple bonnet top highboy. For those of you familiar with those, you typically don't expect to see them in this setting. I got out an started staring in dis-belief, feeling drawer bottoms and legs, looking at the back and the bonnet. Sure enough- it did turn out to be original. Although I didn't buy it, it quickly sold and sold again. I'm sure it found a good home and money was made by all. The funniest thing about the highboy, it was located next to a booth with gourmet mustard. Never can tell what you are going to find at the show.

Please share your stories and check back again.


Friday, March 13, 2009

You can't spell Springfield without "Spring"

Back after a blogging siesta. Getting ready for the March Springfield Show next weekend. Warmer temperatures. Our first outside dealers of the year normally kick off with the March Show- weather permitting. All those looking to cure a case of cabin fever set your GPS for the Clark County Ohio Fairgrounds next weekend. More details this week. For those of you looking for the definitive show report on Nashville, visit to view their write-up of the show.

Monday, March 2, 2009

Our new Flickr Account

In looking for a way to share the vast number of photos- we have set up a Flickr account. For those of you unfamiliar with Flickr- it is a site that allows for photo sharing in a more convenient format than blogger. Simply click on to view our photos. More to come soon. Thanks to Michael Worden for the photos and the help.

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Sinus Infection

My annual post Nashville sinus infection is in full bloom. My blogging juices are stifled by congestion. Slowly feeling better.

Just starting to go through the photos. More to come.


Monday, February 23, 2009

Thank You

Just returning home this evening from an incredible week. I took over 400 photos, so stay tuned. Will try to get some up on the website and blog in the next few days. Would like to take the opportunity to thank a lot of people starting with-

1. Our dealers- great effort which often goes under appreciated- you created a tremendous show.

2. Our staff- couldn't even think about doing it without you

3. Our customers- we hope you loved what you saw and are looking forward to coming back

4. TN State Fairgrounds- for welcoming us with open arms and making us feel right at home

5. Suppliers- walls, showcases, tables, carpet and a lot of other things go into the show

6. Trade papers- thanks for helping get the word out.

7. Other people who help- you know who you are-



Thursday, February 19, 2009

Better Than A Trip to the Dentist

Hello everyone,

The show is shaping up beautifully- we are looking forward to seeing everyone who has been following. See you all this weekend.

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Getting the wheels turning.

It's time to get this thing started. Let's get the gears & wheels turning. In Nashville today and tomorrow we start building the show. Stay tuned for details. We will try to document the creation of what you'll see starting Thursday and Friday. Thanks to Lynn Worden for the photo of these industrial wheels/gears???

Help Wanted

Just bought this nice little maple stand and would like to bring it to Nashville but I need help. Could any of your bloggers tell me how to get these darn lines out of this maple. It's driving me crazy.
I always recommend a belt sander as a good starting point. If that doesn't work- a quart of good enamel paint- maybe lime green. It's a shame those stripes would ruin a good useable table. Anyone else have any suggestions?

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Shocking, Unprecedented Behind the Scenes Access!

When I started blogging I did promise behind the scenes information from the fascinating world of antiques show management (sarcasm). So here it goes- what is going on a week before the show.

1. Talking with dealers about the last minute details of their booths- tables, paper color, walls, showcases, set-up times, hotel info- etc.

2. Talking with customers about tickets, dealers, hotels-etc.

3. Talking with PR person about media coverage, press releases, TV & Radio

4. Talking with suppliers about staging, set up and tear down.

5. Printing invoices, booth signs, show programs

6. Finalizing ads

7. Hoping customers show up and buy a lot of antiques.

8. Make sure clothes are to the dry cleaners and last minute travel details are taken care of.

I suppose this fascinating look at the exciting world of antique show management might seem overwhelming (sarcasm), but I did promise the blog would offer this. Maybe I can get dealer and customer perspective. Truly fascinating.

Monday, February 9, 2009

Scene being repeated across our great land!

Bill Walton needs help loading his cast iron stove on his truck. Anyone in western Tennessee with a good back please stop by. Dealers are in their garages, shops, storage units & barns deciding what to take to Nashville. Unfortunately, no one has invented a self loading truck. Remember to lift with your legs.

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Nice Blanket Box-No Pancakes

Dan Freeburg sent me this photo of a very nice Pennsylvania Blanket Box. Enjoy-
I am trying to have a normal weekend day today and wanted to make pancakes, but have no pancake mix and don't want to go to the grocery store. Graham has come to expect pancakes on Sunday and is not happy. Going to get really busy in the next week getting ready to leave for Nashville. Will try to keep posting.

Saturday, February 7, 2009

A New Favorite

Mike from MT Folk Art writes:
Been trying to buy this 6 foot long Whirligig for the past 10 years or so. Finally happened. He is coming to Nashville. See you guys soon.

Friday, February 6, 2009

Tonight Show Links for painting cat!

Above are the links to the Tonight Show website that has stills of the segment from the Tonight show of our famous painting cat. The video is also up on the February 2nd show. Above is a photo of Graham wearing his new glasses. He was screaming immediately before and after this photo. Not sure this moment ever happened.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Another Favorite Story

Our first show at Nashville as an exhibitor almost happened by chance. Ralph and I were coming to shop the shows. Someone suggested we set up. We called and said we were loaded and could come on short notice. Barbara called back; she had had a cancellation; could we really be there? That was a few days from the show. That may have been in the tent behind The Scoreboard. The weather was cold and the parking lot had been covered in snow. Our dog, Kathryn, was with us; she stayed in the car with the motor running. The opening was on a Wednesday night from 3-5 pm. The lights were so dim you could not see. We sold 3 folk art sheep that were mid 20th century. While the conditions were terrible in that first show; it was our best show ever at that time! We were hooked!! We have met wonderful people, sold a lot of merchandise, learned a lot (and still learning), and had a lot of fun.

Remember the February Tailgate and no hot water? We were several days without! We cheered the maintenance technician who worked so hard to keep everything working!!One year, we had a feast which consisted of leftovers from "The Heart". No names will me mentioned, but Bobby, Tom, Emily, and Mary were a few dealers who broke bread together.

Ralph and I tend to remember dealers by their pets -- Buzz, was a pit bull whose parents sold folkart; Susie's father, BIll, specialized in civil war era; Rosebud, a robust, loveable golden retriever, who had to be carried upstairs because she was terrified of the open stairs; Tasha, the corgie, who can't be separated from Datha. While Laura and Robert, Ralph and I became friends meeting as neighbors on the 3rd floor, Puggles and Kathryn were noisy rivals. Of course, Dawyn and Rick's bulldogs - are always a hit. None us can forget Jack, the wonderful English sheep dog rescued by Mr. Knight. The love and bond between the two brought tears to many of us. Thank you -- Steve, Barbara, and JonThe Millers, Miller House Antiques

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Our Special Section Makes the Tonight Show

For those of you who stayed up and watched Jay Leno last night, the special section for the Nashville show was featured on the Headlines segment on Monday's Tonight Show. Page 7 of the section features an ad from Zollinhofer Antiques with the following photo and caption:

Self Portrait of cat
on artist brd, ca 1920

Jay commented "that's one talented cat"

If I can get the video from the NBC site, I will thy to put it up.

Monday, February 2, 2009

Favorite Stories

Hi there -

I remember the first Nashville show we did we broke down in Moosic PA - had to jettison the trailer in a parking lot.....somewhere.....whilst the van was being worked on - two days later we were reunited with the trailer and off, leaving Wilkes Barre at 3:30 in the afternoon on Monday - rolled into Nashville dead tired at 7:00 the next morning, just in time for set up. We were on the second floor outside of the Radison next to folks from Michigan - we watched hearts in our throats as they leveraged two enormous corner cupboards up and out over the concrete railing to twist them to get them into their room. My load got caught in the elevator as the opening on the second floor was not as high as the opening on the was such an adventure, and sales were great. The first year in the tent (still next to our now friends from Michigan) we sold our last 'back up' piece from the trailer at 10:00 OPENING day........along with 46 hooked rugs............those were the days.

Cheers, Cathy


I vividly remember the first tent show too! We were all apprehensive about not being in the hotel and how would a tent work. I've never seen that many sold tags ever at a show. Mark Morris's booth had so many sold tags, it looked like another dealer was playing a practical joke.

Sunday, February 1, 2009

More Stories

About ten years ago, we brought a wonderful, early hooked rug featuring a series of interlocking hearts to Nashville. It was Valentine's Day weekend and the rug was prominently displayed in our booth.

A couple on their honeymoon saw the rug. Looking at one another, the husband softly said to his wife, "This will our wedding gift to one another."

It was such a special moment. When they purchased the rug, we tied a large red ribbon around it.

Upon returning home, the couple sent us a lovely note to let us know how much they loved the rug ... and, obviously, one another!

We have seen the couple in Nashville several times in the ensuing years and they have made additional purchases from us. Whenever we see them, they always share that their heart rug continues to a source of joy for them.... and, now, for their three children as well.

Knowing that they were able to find such a special gift in our booth has been an ongoing source of delight for us, too.

All our best,
Doug and Bev

Favorite Stories

For several years...I have been planning all my vacations around the Tailgate and Music Valley shows at Nashville...My friends and I would load up and have so much fun...Shopping and Buying...IT was certainly a big event to look forward to twice a year...Regardless of the weather...We were there..... I met Ralph and Linda Miller in 1998 //They were at the top of the stairs in the Fiddlers' Motel.. Their room was always the first one that we would head to when we got there...They always have such wonderful early painted things...They had an Early Green Painted Apothecary in their booth...I could not get away from Nashville without buying that wonderful piece...That sale between us started up a Friendship that neither time nor distance has ever seperated...Before long...they meet my husband and we were making trips to Carroll Ohio to buy from them...From the very beginning..IT was if we had known each other forever..By this time...We had already opened an Antique shop and was talking about having a show on our property...We just happened to be sitting at Linda and Ralph's dinner table and they immediately said that they wanted to be the first ones to sign up...The rest is pretty much history.. They know so much about Antiques and Primitives and have really taught us a lot..We consider them both part of our Family....BE sure and go by The Creative Arts Building Booth #31 and shop with Linda and Ralph Miller (aka )Miller House Antiques...You will be glad you did...I know that I certainly am... *Not only will you find Wonderful Antiques and Primitives at The Nashville shows but you never know who you may meet that will stay in your life forever...Long Live The Music Valley and Tailgate Shows.........

Jimmy and Ruth Rochelle
Primitive Homeplace

Holy Cow, 25 years you say. My favorite list includes selling a painted red ware candle mold to Clark Garrett, all night parties, seeing something I had sold early in the week appear at the Opryland on preview night with an extra zero on the price tag, picking lots of great things I should have kept, the night John T. Roth almost got me killed downtown Nashville, all night parties, all the dealers and friends who are no longer with us, realizing how much I did not know or understand, making some of my best sales, learning from some of the best in this business, watching Dick Robeson unpack for five days and still not get it all out, meeting David Good who I have long respected and relish as a friend and did I mention the all night parties. See you guys soon,

Michael Naylor (M T Folk Art)

I have many, many wonderful memories of the Tailgate Show because I've exhibited there for over 20 years. Lifelong friendships were formed, concerns for other dealers who were ill or unable to come with follow-up as to their condition existed and still does. We dealers know of the ongoing hard work that goes into making our show so special and we are ever appreciative. In these present economic times, we all have to remember that we are in this together and collegiality is so important from everyone. We are hoping and planning for our next show to be the very best ever!

Jo Ann Garrett

I can remember when as shoppers, we used to get paper tags to prove we had paid the admission fee for early buying. Then one year the colorful "early buying" buttons appeared. I have kept those buttons. I suppose it was a way to preserve some fond memories and to prove I had been there. Each year as February approaches I consider wearing all of those buttons on a jacket. Has anyone else kept their buttons? How many do you have? Should this be the year to wear them?

Mary DeBuhr

Saturday, January 31, 2009

Favorite Stories

I have sent out an email to dealers to relay their favorite Nashville/Tailgate & Music Valley stories. For over 25 years, we've been getting together to do this, and many friendships have formed, tens of thousands of items have sold and some really funny stuff has happened. I will open with my favorite.

My First Job

In the fall of 1983, I was an eight grader who was spending a Saturday afternoon watching my dad's booth at the Past to Present Flea Market at the Indiana State Fairgrounds. At the same time, the Home in Indiana show was going on as well as the First Tailgate in Indy- run by Rick Norton, was being held at the old motel across the street. While sitting in the booth, someone called the show for me, it was my dad, who asked if I would be willing to wear a gorilla suit and hold a sign for the antique show and flag traffic towards the show as it exited the fairgrounds. I was reluctant at first, until he mentioned it paid $10 per hour. Apparently, costume work pays well. A few minutes later I was slipping into the costume and heading out to the corner of 38th & Colisseum Blvd. I felt silly at first, but I soon figured out that the people who were exiting the fairgrounds were laughing and some were even turning into the show. All of a sudden, I was having fun- imagine fun and $10 per hour at 13 years old. Well, what I didn't know was that the dealers at the Home in Indiana show were not happy- the quotes in Maine Antiques Digest were not kind. "Like fleas on a dogs back" one dealer was quoted. Funny thing- soon she was doing shows for us and did up until a few years ago until she passed away. I guess I would have to say those few hours in the gorilla suit were my favorite Tailgate memory. I will be sharing other dealers stories between now and the show.

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Appreciate A Dealer Day

Antique Show Customers:

In a previous post, I took a few shots at dealer behavior, but I would also like to point out a few things that you should appreciate when you see a dealer at a show. It takes a tremendous amount of work to buy, sell, travel and display the merchandise you are looking at. A booth at a show represents in many cases months of work. It is a tough, often thankless job that is often underappreciated by customer. Take time occasionally to thank a dealer for a job well done.

Take time to ask questions- most dealers are enthusiastic sharers of knowledge. Sharing information about antiques is good for their business. Next time you see something you like, but are shocked by the price- ask them why? They should be happy to explain why that's the case.
Photo is a Western Tennessee Cupboard by Jelly Cupboard Antiques

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Valentine's Day Anyone?

Great photo from Donna McCormick-
Get your Valentine's present today.

Digging out from 12" of snow here in Indianapolis.

Stay safe and warm

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Cool New Stuff

Hello Blog:

Great quilt photo courtesy of Darwin Bearley.

Been working the last few days on finalizing some thing for Nashville. In the next week or so, I will be writing a few post on expectations. What should customers expect from dealers at a show and vice versa. What should dealers and customers expect from show management. It is a topic that is more relevant than ever. Anyone with thoughts??

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Climbing up on my soapbox.

Greetings All,

Sorry for the delay in posting, been a busy few days. I am going to debut a new feature today called "climbing up on my soapbox". Every so often I hear something that makes me want to bang my head up against a board with exposed rusty nails.

Our Antiques Show Indsider correspondants , Evets & Brab reported in yesterday with an interesting story. While visiting a very exclusive, very high end show in New York, they noticed two new sales techniques being utilized by some of the world's finest antiques dealers.

1. Absolutely don't be in your booth. Nothing screams "buy my $6,000,000 painting" like the dealers complete absence from their booth. Everyone wants to buy a Picasso from your assistant.

2. While in your booth- talk constantly on your cell phone. It is a proven fact that people who are on their cell phones all the time are more important than anyone else. Wait-I forgot we discovered that wasn't the case in 1995. Dealers are certainly busy people and communication is important, but put down the iphone for a breather occasionally and greet a human customer once in a while.

I know these are long shows and the economy is tough, but get your heads out of your behinds and remember that when you started in the business years ago, the only way you paid the bills was taking time to try to sell something.

On to the shows:

All three shows(TAAS, Stella Armory & Winter Show) were exceptional from a merchandise and presentation standpoint. Although by no means scientific- crowds were decent and sold tags were seen. Smalls seemed to be selling better than large furniture, which you don't usually see a ton of at these shows to begin with. Don't know about the auctions as Evets & Brab haven't made it to either auction.

Very good response to the special section in the Antiques & Arts Weekly-link in earlier post. Generating lots of interest and already hearing about items sold. Lots of excitement in New York about Nashville. That's an odd sentence- most of the time the cities would be reversed.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

What I've been doing

Sorry for the delay in posting--

Been busy doing things:

1. Talking on the phone a bunch- dealers, customers

2. Updating photos on the websites-lot's of new photos for Tailgate & Music Valley

3. Mailing out copies of the special section to our mailing list- 5,000 of you will be receiving it in the mail.

4. Watching the 'Lost' season premiere and even being more confused.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Wow- Part Two

Click on this link to view the special section,%20Feb.%2019-22%20%26%20Tailgate,%20Feb.%2020-22.pdf



I just got my copy of the special section in the Antiques & the Arts Weekly for Nashville. Weighing in at a whopping 40 pages- it is filled with great photos from dealers & show information. The online version in full color will be available tomorrow and I will post links. The print version is being distributed to subscribers and we are mailing copies to our Nashville mailing list- Be prepared to be Wowed!!!

Monday, January 19, 2009

Favorites for Monday

Nick Domenick:

African-American Desk- probably used in church- circa 1930- Vienna, Georgia/Dooley County

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Good morning- I was trying to think how to communicate how many dealers are coming to Nashville- 300 is just a number, so how about a list. Will the blog let me make a post this big?
In reverse alphabetical order just to spice thing up.

Worden Select Objects
Woody & Nancy Straub
Wooden Nickel Antiques
William Cawood
Wildwood Antiques
West Branch Antiques
Wayne Grossich
Vi's Antiques
Virginia Hallett
Vintage Rose Antiques
VanDeest Antiques
Valerie Rogers
Ugly Ricks Toys & Advertising
T's Antiques
Too Far Gone
Tom Linscott
Tom Joseph
Tom Delach
Tom Armitage
Timber River Farms
Timber Ridge Antiques
Ticker Talker Toys
Thurston Nichols
Thompson's Antiques/Americana
Thomas Thompson
Thomas M. Rawson
The Village Braider
The Red Door Antiques
The Kentucky Sandpiper
The Buttr'y
The Antiquarian-Hollis Broderick & Sharon Platt
That Old Log House
Texas Trash Treasures
Tex Johnson Antiques
Suzanne Baker
Susan H. Wirth
Suhrprise Shop
Studio F
Stonecrop Antiques
Steven Peterson
Steven F. Still Antiques
Steve Smoot Antiques
Stepstool Antiques
Stephen-Douglas Antiques
Sparrow's Nest Antiques
Snow Leopard Antiques
Sniktaw Trading Co.
Sharon Pesek
Serendipity Antiques
Sean Davis
Scott's Antiques
Scott Estepp
Schoolmaster Antiques
Schoolhouse Antiques
Sawyer Creek Antiques
Sam Forsythe
Sandra Worrell
Sandra Leckrone
Russel Lintner
Ruchelle Davis
Rose O'Reilly
Rodney Fields
Robert Zollinhofer
Robert Siebold
Robert Perry
Robert M. Conrad Antiques
Robert Horn
Robert Burger
Riverview Antiques
River Cabin Antiques
Ringstad Antiques
Rick Moore
Rick & Dwan Mabrey
Richmond House
Renee & Terry Cormier
Remember When Antiques
Reilly & Jenks
Randy Forbes
Quintessential Antiques
Privy Antiques
Primitive Homeplace
Pratt's Antiques
Plain N' Simple Antiques
Peter Moses
Peter & Shirley Pijnappels
Perkins & Menson
Period Antiques
Patsy Eversole
Patricia Anne Reed
Pat Stallings
Pam Bauer
Paisley Pineapple Antiques
Paddlewheel Antiques
Over Hill Over Dale
Oakland Art & Antiques
Norwood's Spirit of America
Nichols & Dimes
Newsom & Berdan
New England South
Nancy Wells
Nancy Roth Antiques
Nancy Fishelson
Nancy & Craig Cheney Antiques
Mustard House Antiques
Munday & Munday
Mountain Thistle Antiques
Monty Young
ML Fancy Antiques
Mixed Bag Antiques
Missouri Plain Folk
Miller House Antiques
Mike's Antiques
Michael & Sally Whittemore Antiques
Mia Hudson
McGlamery & Pelton
Maxine Craft
Matthew Ehresman Antiques
Mason & Yvonne Romans
Mary Webb
Mary Sparger
Mary Elliott
Mary de Buhr
Marsha's Antiques
Marsha Albrecht
Marliyn Angel
Mark Morris Home & Garden
Mark Miller
Mark Dooley
Marjorie Staufer
Mario Pollo
Marie Miller
Marc Witus
Malchione Antiques
Main Street Antiques
Magoun Bros.
M T Folkart
Log House Antiques
Log Cabin Primitives
Lock 147 Antiques
Liberty Tree Antiques
Lana Smith Antiques
Kracker Barrel Antiques
Knight's Antiques
Kindred Spirits Antiques
Kindred Spirit Antiques
Kim Logan Antiques
Kevin Edwards
Keith & Diane Fryling
Kathy Schmidt
Kate & Howard Tanning
Judson and Karen Fults
Joy In the Morning
Johnson's Vintage Linens
Johnson & Barrett Antiques
John Kennedy
John & Deborah Melby
Joe & Mary Koval
Jo Ann Garrett
Jim Yeager
Jim Wark
Jim Stoma
Jim Pyburn
Jerry Turner
Jerry Tebbano
Jelly Cupboard Antiques
Jeff Walton Antiques
Jean Herlihy Antiques
Jean & Roy Doty
Jason Parker Counce Designs
Jane Langol
Jan Raber
James Island Antiques
James Humphries
J. Compton Gallery
J & G Antiques
Iron Horse Antiques
Interiors With Provenance
Houkes Antiques
Home Town Antiques
Hodenius & Kelly
Hill's Country
Higganum House Antiques
Heart 'n' Hand Antiques
Harvey Art & Antiques
Hart's Country Antiques
Hartman House Antiques
Harper Antiques
Hand Picked
Halsey Munson
H. M. Davidson
H. J. Hall Antiques
Greg K. Kramer & Co
Granthum 1763
Granite Rooster
Georgia Morel Antiques
George's Antiques
George Timmons
Gary Promey Antiques
Gary & Pam Voyles
Frontier Homestead
Frank Martin Antiques
Fine Offerings Antiques
Farmers Wife Antiques
Faith Lukianenko
Emily Pfister
Elizabeth Wolff
Edna Hoffman
Eclectic Company
Easter Hill
Dover House Antiques
Doug Wyant
Doris Prizant
Don Schweikert
Don & Marta Orwig
Doll Acount
Dick & Joan Anderson Antiques
Diane Halpern
Diane Gish
Depot Antiques
Dennis Raleigh
Dennis & Dad Antiques
DebraElizabeth Schaffer
David Thompson Antiques & Art
David L. Proctor Antiques
David Horst
David Good
David A. Noll
David & Kim Leggett
Datha Doolin Antiques
Darwin Bearley
Danny DeToma
Daniel & Karen Olson
Dan Freeburg
Dan & Debbie Schrum
Country Treasures
Country Squire Antiques
Country Primitives
Country House Antiques
Country Courtyard
Country Corner
Country Charisma
Country Antiques
Corinne Burke
Colleen Kinloch Antiques
Colleen Boland Freese Antiques
Collectors Collections
Coe & Channell
Clifton Anderson
Claude & Sharon Baker
City Mouse-Country Mouse
Chuck White's Antiques
Christopher Evans
Christoper English
Chelsea Antiques
Charles Bachmann
Caulkins House Antiques
Carter's Antiques
Carroll Swope Antiques
Carol Kouyoumdjian
Carnine Antiques
Carla & Calvin Murphy
Cabin in the Woods
Bunny's Country Antiques
Buckingham Antiques
Bruce Rigsby
Brown's Antiques
Brad Selinger Antiques
Bottle Tree Antiques
Bobbie Pries Antiques
Blue Dog Antiques
Blandon M. Cherry Antiques
Bill Walton Antiques
Bill Kelly
Big Creek Antiques
Bette & Melvyn Wolf
Betsy Plikerd
Betsy Bond Dallaire
Benting & Jarvis
Beaver Creek Antiques
Barry Ezrin
Barbara Sharp
Barbara McDonald
Barbara Goedeke
Avatar Antiques
Antiques at Hillwood Farm
Anne & John Childs
American Spirit Antiques
American Heritage Antiques
Alice Dewey Antiques
Aberdeen & Co
A Little Something Antiques
1750 House

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Great Photo From Elle Decor of Marie & Larry Miller's Shop

Our friends at just posted this great photo of their shop in Elle Decor magazine.

More great stuff!

Rose & Tom:
Penn. Blanket Box in untouched condition with Originial Grain Painted surface. Wonderful Full and High Ogee Bracket Feet CLEAN AND HONEST C. 1800

Another Story on Nashville

To wet your whistle about the upcoming Nashville Show- Below are the links to the recent review in Antiqueweek. Each page has a different link.

Friday, January 16, 2009

The Vintage Journal: Music City USA & Antiques...#links#links

The Vintage Journal: Music City USA & Antiques...#links#links- someone out there is talking about Nashville.


Jane Langol:

I am bringing a favorite piece in my favorite category of antiques—Art Pottery. I am bringing a green umbrella stand made by Weller Pottery of Zanesville, Ohio. It is in the much-desire matte green, in a pattern called “Bedford Matte), and stands 21” tall. It was first issued in 1951, so it reflects a wonderful blend Art N. into Deco design…a rare color and a great piece.
Mason & Yvonne Romans:
This is an item we plan to bring to the shoe.Description - 19th century stepback cupboard in mustard paint with original 12 lights on door, candle drawers and pie shelf.

More stuff

Kit Carter of Ticker Talker Toys:


Kate Tanning:

an important original paint, wooden carved fish trade sign used in a landmark Pittsburgh restaurant. We are also bringing a trestle table, 19th C, measuring 79 inches long, by 37 wide.

Sharon Pesek:

One of my favorite things I am bringing to Nashville is this adorable early Ferry's Seeds box with a charming picture of five children in a boat. This is one of their rarer boxes and is in beautiful condition.

Antique Show Insider-the week in Preview

Rather than taking time to re-cap the past week- I will take a post to inform the blog what might be on schedule for the next week.

1. Warm-up: The weather is the coldest in years. Tomorrow is supposed to be 37 degrees warmer.

2. Dispatch team of crack reporters to Americana Week in New York. Won't be attending myself this year (would like to, but plate is full). Will provide second hand accounts from the TAAS and Winter Shows as well as The Armory Show, put on by our friends at Stella Show Mgmt.

3. Re-cap the Springfield Show- hopefully with some action photos.

4. Continue to post "Favorite Things Coming to Nashville"

5. Hope the NFL cancels the remainder of the playoffs since the Colts lost.

6. Try to reason with my son Graham that an 18 month old should enjoy wearing his glasses(not going well).

7. Continue getting ready for Antiques Week In Nashville.

Friday Favorites

Georgia Morel:

My favorite item going to the show is a 4 gallon brass measure.

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Congratulations Jon!

Last evening I was so excited to learn that Carrell, at Country Charisma has passed along the "Proximidade" Award to the Antique Show Insider, as an Honorable Mention.
This award focuses not on the glory and fanfare of blogging, but in the PROXIMITY to one another through this on-line world (kind of a Six Degrees of Separation sort of thing)."Blogs who receive this award are 'exceedingly charming' say its authors. This blog invests and believes in the PROXIMITY-nearness in space, time and relationships. These kind bloggers aim to find and be friends. They are not interested in prizes or self-aggrandizement.
The Antique Show Insider is honored to have been dominated and proudly accepts this award. Thank you so much, Carrell for thinking of this blog! And, congratulations to you as well, for your own nomination.

More Favorites

The favorite piece I am bringing to Nashville is a 1830.'s - 16 pane solid Birdseye Maple Corner Cupboard from Western Pa. I have never seen a birdseye maple corner cupboard before or has anyone else that I have talked to about it. Bill Puchstein, American Heritage Antiques.