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Friday, September 11, 2009

This Just In!!

On the road home from Farmington and Brimfield. Blogging from the passenger seat of the rental truck hoping that Pennsylvania is almost over. If there was only a way to move Pennsylvania north of Lake Erie and slide Ohio over, the drive wouldn't be so bad. Home for 1 night and off to Chicago to see U2 Saturday night. I was very encouraged by the results at Farmington. Shows still aren't great across the board, but I talked to many dealers who were very pleased with results. Wish things were more consistently good, but economy needs to keep moving in the right direction before we'll see that. Brimfield crowds appeared to be strong, but wasn't able to develop much of a consensus of how things went. I don't remember any better show weather from Farmington to Thursday of Brimfield. Hope it continues through Springfield next weekend. For those of you who have never been, Extravanganza almost has to be seen to be believed. Very busy booking spacesw and excited about it. I'll try to post photos later on today or tomorrow.


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  1. Yes, photos please! Went to the Farmington show in June and found some great stuff.