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Thursday, December 9, 2010

A Passion For Pewter

It’s irrefutable. Dr. Melvyn and Bette Wolf are the ultimate authorities on all things pewter. This Flint, Michigan couple has been collecting pewter since the 60’s and began exhibiting at antiques shows in 1975. They’ve served jointly as President of the Pewter Collectors Club of America and authored hundreds of articles for the organizations bulletins. Mel has been serving on the organizations board of governors for the past thirty-nine years. Most importantly, his articles on American pewter porringers, candlesticks, chalices, measures and lamps are considered the industry standard by which pewter pieces are evaluated. They are not only experts in American pewter but British pewter and Continental pewter as well.
Mel and Bette don’t have a shop and they aren’t set up in an antiques mall. If you want to see the most amazing and definitive display of pewter you will ever come across, you’ll have to visit them this February at the Music Valley Antiques Market in Nashville, Tennessee. As they’ll tell you, “We display more pewter at an antiques show than any other dealer”. You’re sure to enjoy dealing with Mel and Bette. They’re an interesting and engaging couple and they generously share the incredible knowledge they have gleaned from forty years of collecting and handling pewter.
And, if a visit to their booth peaks your interest in pewter, you’ll want to pick up a copy of their book, An American Pewter Collection: The Collection of Dr. Melvyn and Bette Wolf published by the Wolfs in April 2006.

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