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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Promoting Responsible Consumerism

In the process of always trying to figure out ways to better market antiques, art & vintage design, I am trying to boil it down to the simplest concept. While the green angle resonates strongly, it doesn't get to everyone. Same goes with the retained value approach. While both arguments are compelling they lack the "lightbulb moment". Perhaps they could be combined under the banner of "responsible consumerism" (flashier name needed). The concept behind being a responsible consumer is simple. Buying antiques, art & vintage design is the responsible thing to do as a consumer. Little to low environmental impact, much less likely to end up in landfill than big box items, retains value and last longer which reduces the need to replace every few years. Money saved in the long run can be used to invest or take a vacation. All we need is a catchy way to illustrate. Thoughts?

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