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Monday, May 16, 2011

Let the excitement/controlled panic begin.

Monday before Extravaganza is usually when the feelings of excitement/panic begin. Here are my random thoughts/fears/challenges.

1. Panic- is anyone going to show up? (yes)
2. Weather- I hate the weatherman- if there is a 10% percent chance of rain, why do they insist on leading with that. (Weather forecast is perfect)
3. I hope the ads run correctly.
4. Please deliver the golf carts/ trash dumpsters on time.
5. Make sure they put up the correct sign on the interstate, there is a major road construction project.
6. Hope all employees show up..
7. Please allow me a few decent nights sleep prior to next weekend.
8. Hope I don't forget anything (I will).
9. Praying that gas prices continue to go down.
10. Wishing everyone safe travels.
11. Hoping I don't forget anything for other shows. (I will)

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