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Saturday, March 21, 2009

Springfield Stories #2

From Deb:

I have attended the Extravaganza's buying and selling for several years (probably 10). Two years ago I was out shopping and spotted a beautiful cream and green enalmelware stove, you know one of those really heavy one's that takes alot of Wheaties to move. It was Friday morning and it was priced at $150, after thinking about it, I decided that I really did not need another heavy thing to haul home, so I passed on it. Later in the day, probably 4 hours later, I walked back by again and noticed it had been marked down to $100, evidently he wanted to be sure he did not have to haul it home too. Yes, I bought it, paid for it and left my business card with him and told I would drive by with trailer that night to get it.

I ventured on my merry way thinking where in the shop I would put it and how I would decorate around it to make it more interesting. I was not gone from his booth 20 minutes and my cell phone rang. It was a dealer who was in from out of town shopping and said they were at the booth where I had purchased the stove. They really wanted it and wanted to know if I would sell it to them for $300. Of course I jumped on that, evidently the dealer I bought it from had not told them what I paid, and they wanted this stove bad, she said she had the perfect spot in her shop for it. I quickly made my way back to that booth, sold the stove to them and gave the dealer I bought it from a nice reward. We all left happy.

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