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Monday, August 22, 2011

Damaging nature of good rumors.

Writing today to clarify what seems to be current fodder for the rumor mill. I recently returned from Antiques Week in New Hampshire. After what was for the most part a good week, an incident occurred late Thursday afternoon that I feel requires comment and clarification. A promoter with multiple events in Manchester accused me of recruiting vendors on his show floor for a competing show to be launched for the Manchester Week in 2012. The promoter would apparently not believe the denial I spoke to him or respond to the email that I sent the following morning. I have received numerous phone calls and emails in the past week and feel the need to issue the following statement:
At no point in time during Antiques Week in New Hampshire, did I or anyone that I work with attempt to solicit any vendor for a show to be held during Antiques Week in New Hampshire. I did spend quite a bit of time talking about our new facility in Nashville with dealers during Antiques Week in New Hampshire. I imagine that someone might have overheard one of those conversations and made the mistaken assumption that the facility was in New Hampshire. I hold the shows, promoters and dealers who participate in shows in Manchester in high regard, spending significant amounts of time and energy to attend. We have never considered adding an event to this market as the current line-up provides great shows, great dealers and good results to the participating dealers and customers. I look forward to continuing to support the existing shows in this market.
Whether or not the rumor is being spread out of a mistaken assumption or bold faced lie, the effect is the same. It brings an unnecessary distraction in a time that the business simply doesn’t need it. Promoters and dealers don’t need it, and those spreading the rumor should understand the turmoil they keep fueling by spreading false information.

Jon Jenkins

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