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Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Making headway taking antiques/vintage mainstream.

Logged on to aol this morning and a story was teased about model/businesswoman Heidi Klum and her designer friend shopping the Rose Bowl Flea Market. While the antique purist might scoff at what they are shopping for, we should all instead focus on the importance of:

1. Well known celebrity shopping for antique/vintage in mainstream media which helps reinforce a needed message "this is what cool people do"
2. Designer giving some common sense advice for the beginner making it seem more accessible

Remember folks, we need customers at every level. While the jury is still out whether vintage is a gateway drug for more traditional antiques- it remains a strong hope. How many antique collectors/users started out buying 20 years ago are buying the same things today?? Not many according to my research. Click here for the link to the article and video.

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