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Thursday, September 29, 2011

Redefining good and great.

We are constantly subjected by the words "good" and "great" in the business. They are overused terms that have come to mean things that often cause a basic mis-understanding of the very nature of what we do. There is a pandemic with both of these terms that illustrates the conundrum that we find ourselves trying to escape. That is a great cupboard. He or she is a very good dealer. That is a great auction house. The prices were very good. We tend to associate the words good and great with expensive, rare, museum quality, high end and various other words. I had a discussion with a dealer the other day about what these terms mean in today's world. What we came up with, although just our opinions, more accurately reflect the new world we find ourselves living in: A good/great dealer is someone who keeps customers happy by providing unique objects that customers value at prices they can afford with honesty and integrity- regardless of the price level at which they operate. A good/great customer is someone who chooses to use discretionary income on antiques and in turn helps dealer operate their business. A good/great show is a place where customers/dealers can get together and exchange goods for cash- regardless of price level. A good/great antique is an object that is as represented, has an intrinsic value based upon, form, function, aesthetics, intended or repurposed use or the fact it just looks good- regardless of price.

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