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Friday, January 16, 2009

Antique Show Insider-the week in Preview

Rather than taking time to re-cap the past week- I will take a post to inform the blog what might be on schedule for the next week.

1. Warm-up: The weather is the coldest in years. Tomorrow is supposed to be 37 degrees warmer.

2. Dispatch team of crack reporters to Americana Week in New York. Won't be attending myself this year (would like to, but plate is full). Will provide second hand accounts from the TAAS and Winter Shows as well as The Armory Show, put on by our friends at Stella Show Mgmt.

3. Re-cap the Springfield Show- hopefully with some action photos.

4. Continue to post "Favorite Things Coming to Nashville"

5. Hope the NFL cancels the remainder of the playoffs since the Colts lost.

6. Try to reason with my son Graham that an 18 month old should enjoy wearing his glasses(not going well).

7. Continue getting ready for Antiques Week In Nashville.

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