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Thursday, January 15, 2009

These are a few of their favorite things!

I sent out a question to a group of dealers for Nashville- What is your favorite thing that you are planning to bring to the show. Below are some

Steve Smoot:

Ca 1890-1900 finely detailed folky tugboat model with its crew of four which includes the captain at the wheel. Incredible paint condition and surface. Approximately 13 inches long.

Nancy Holleny:

My most favorite item I am bringing to Nashville is not exactly 100 yrs. old or older, maybe half that but it is in original finish, sturdy, well carved, has original construction, is articulated (mouth moves most of the time), hands and feet attached, no cracks or tears. It works like clockwork but you have to feed it several times a day. It is in the high-end price range and tagged "as is" only because it is expensive to maintain. Photo enclosed.

City Mouse Country Mouse:
We are bringing a fabulous blue cornercupboard original paint found in Michigan

Marie Miller:
My favorite quilt that I am bringing to Music Valley is this blue and white Feathered Star quilt, circa 1860.

Mary Debuhr:
Selecting my favorite item going to the show is a tall order. At this moment I'd have to say it is a tall chest of drawers. The piece is from New England, circa 1800-30 and has 6 graduated, dovetailed drawers and dovetailed case. It retains it's original red surface. It has a simple scrolled bracket base that at one time was replaced. I also have a fragment of the original which is identical. I have enjoyed using it for the last few years. Not only is it lovely to look at, it is a very functional piece of furniture. It has simple rosette mounted loop handles. Three drawers locked and there are escutcheons on all 6 for balance. This is an uncommon piece to find with color. I see lots of refinished ones but never thought I'd have the opportunity to own one. A few brasses are replacements but one has to look closely to distinguish the difference. The condition is very good and I'll be proud to offer it at our show in Nashville next month.

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