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Thursday, August 13, 2009

Manchester-Part 1

I will break up my review into of last week's trip into several posts. I will also try to paint pictures with my words as Continental Airlines broke my camera (slowly getting over this).

The first show to open was Frank Gaglio's Manchester Pickers Market on Monday morning. Much has been made over the facility change for both of his shows, but coming from someone who recently experienced a facility change (Nashville), the new facility was tremendous. The Furniture World building was bright, well lit and spacious. The facility mandated a somewhat quirky floorplan, but the overall feel of the building and the displays put on by the dealers were top notch. Frank calls this a picker's market, but it is that in name only. Over 80 first rate dealers pulled out all the stops to put on a visually impressive display of Americana. As with most shows, the results from dealers appeared to run the gamut from "great" to "I would have liked to sold more" and everything else in between. But with current market conditions, most indicated they were pleased. I also noticed some new pricing on items that were more in line with the economy. Many dealers with pricing adjustments were rewarded with sales, and in this business, cash flow is still king. If anyone has any photos from the show, email me and I will share them on the blog.

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