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Saturday, July 2, 2011

Ask- then listen, listen, listen.

One thing that I always try to remind myself of while I’m running a show is the necessity of listening. Listening to dealers and customers often provides key and free input on my business. Certainly many of the things that I’m hearing are simply reminders and reaffirmations of things already known. But often they are new ideas that are valuable and actionable. Companies often spend thousands of dollars on outside consultants, but existing customers (dealers and shoppers) will often provide the same level of input for free. Better yet, their input is from the point of view of someone already involved in the process rather than someone brought in for their supposed expertise.

I would also like to pass along this advice to dealers and customers. Take the time to talk to each other. What are you buying, selling? What are you interested in collecting or living with? These conversations will often lead to shows that more reflect both of your expectations. There’s an old saying is that “free advice is worth what you pay for it” but I would argue that “free good advice/input is priceless”.

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