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Sunday, July 24, 2011

It's growing again.

Not my stomach, the dealers list for Harwinton. Already 40 dealers larger than the last September show. Enjoy and check back to watch it increase in size-

A Classic Touch
Acorn Antiques
Aged to Perfection Antiques
Albert Joseph & Co.
Andrij Roman Antiques
Andy's Antiques
Antique Prints
Art & Antique Gallery
Arthur Gordon
Ashley Antiques
AWK Design Antiques
Beck's Button Box
Benting & Jarvis
Beverly Dutton Antiques
Bill Scott's Antiques
Bridges Over Time
Buckboard Antiques
by Ann Marsh
Cavern View Antiques
Charles A. Cohn Antiques
Charles Antiques
Chelsea Hill Antiques
Chimney Corner
Collection Agency Antiques
Colliersville Cottage Antiques
Country Christmas
Country Peddler Antiques
Crone's Collectibles
David Allan Ramsay
Dee's Antiques
Desjardins Antiques
Diane Belford
Dudley Hill Antiques
Easter Hill Antiques
Emma's Antiques
Etcetera, Etc.
Finish Line Collectibles
From Here to Antiquity
Hands All Around
Hartman House Antiques
Hawkins Quilts
Heritage Antiques
Higganum House Antiques
J & G Antiques
James Koester
Jamie Brown
Jim Johannes
John Darrow
John's Collectibles
Joseph Bonafede
Joseph Collins
Karen & Albert Antiquinares
Kay Baker Antiques
Kingston Bay Gallery
Kocian DiPasqua Antiques
Lepore Antiques
Mad River Antiques
Mainely Lighting
Margaret Meier
Marie Miller
Marie Rogat
Mark Morris
Mars-Most Antiques
Marvin & Leslie Wies
Mary Ann Stikas
Mason Antiques
Matt King
Memory Lane Antiques
Michele Fox Antiques
Missouri Plain Folk
Nancy & Craig Cheney Antiques
Nancy Fishelson
Nancy Hagen Antiques
Nancy Wells
Nipper's Choice
Noble Peddler
Nook 'n' Cranny Antiques
O'Donoghue Antiques
Old Lamps and Things
Old Village Antiques
Over Hill Over Dale
Painted Duck Antiques
Palisades Trading Co
Pam & Martha Boynton Antiques
Paul & Karen Wendheiser
P-B Antiques
Peter & Claire Ringel
Phyllis Pasternak Collectibles
Pottles & Pannikins
R. A. DiFillipo Antiques
Red Barn Antiques
Robert Perry
Robert T. Baranowsky
Rubley Antiques
Russ Whitmore
Ryan's Antiques
Sandy Klempner
Sandy's Estate Jewelry & Antiques
School House Antiques
Scott Bassoff/Sandy Jacobs
Seymour Fine Arts
Soll's Antiques
South Road Antiques
Sport & Spool Antiques
Steven Singer
Storb Antiques
Stu Magdefrau
Sugar Princess
Susanne Edgerly
Swank Pearce Collections
T & F Trunks
The Backroads Collection
The Jewelry Lady
The Scrapbook
Thomas Thompson
Tither & Sears
Tranquil and Tempting
Two of a Kind
Victor & Maxine Weitz
Victor Weinblatt
Victorian Rose
Virginia Kausel
W. F. Healey Company
White Orchid Antiques
Worden Select Objects
Yesterday's Dreams

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