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Monday, July 18, 2011

The customer is alway right- most of the time.

Most Mondays start off slowly enough, but this morning I was greeted by a warm email from a disgruntled customer. I sent out a newsletter to our Harwinton email list yesterday with some basic info about the Labor Day show. Typically, I don’t receive responses to these newsletters as they are informational. Below is the text of the email:

"Your management of the grounds was horrible!
Your people should have been prepared for the rain.
Your people should have had at their disposable hay to place in areas that were soaked and muddy.
If was no fun to try to walk to see dealers that were near the muddy areas.

I and my family won't attend again if those are the conditions your management feels are okay for your customers

I firmly believe and try to practice the theory that the customer is always right-most of the time. There are clearly limits to this and an over entitled customer is not always a good one. For those of you who follow the blog, I have been very open about our experiences at the show and the areas that it didn’t meet our expectations. Here was my response:

“Sorry that the show did not meet your expectations. Might I suggest a little perspective.

Horrible is someone dying from a terrible disease.
Horrible is a natural disaster that takes the lives of thousands.
Horrible is the grammar in your email.

Have a nice day.”

Would one of our several loyal readers recommend our Harwinton show to a friend, I’m not sure we’re getting a return visit from our emailer.


  1. Next show I would recommend a huge tent to cover entire grounds or in lack of this a cadre of four wheel ATVs to chauffeur show attendees around.

  2. I like your response. It's not like anyone is forced to attend, and if weather conditions are likely to make things messy, either have fun in spite of the messiness, or stay home safe and dry. How DO people get to be so entitled?