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Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Another Favorite Story

Our first show at Nashville as an exhibitor almost happened by chance. Ralph and I were coming to shop the shows. Someone suggested we set up. We called and said we were loaded and could come on short notice. Barbara called back; she had had a cancellation; could we really be there? That was a few days from the show. That may have been in the tent behind The Scoreboard. The weather was cold and the parking lot had been covered in snow. Our dog, Kathryn, was with us; she stayed in the car with the motor running. The opening was on a Wednesday night from 3-5 pm. The lights were so dim you could not see. We sold 3 folk art sheep that were mid 20th century. While the conditions were terrible in that first show; it was our best show ever at that time! We were hooked!! We have met wonderful people, sold a lot of merchandise, learned a lot (and still learning), and had a lot of fun.

Remember the February Tailgate and no hot water? We were several days without! We cheered the maintenance technician who worked so hard to keep everything working!!One year, we had a feast which consisted of leftovers from "The Heart". No names will me mentioned, but Bobby, Tom, Emily, and Mary were a few dealers who broke bread together.

Ralph and I tend to remember dealers by their pets -- Buzz, was a pit bull whose parents sold folkart; Susie's father, BIll, specialized in civil war era; Rosebud, a robust, loveable golden retriever, who had to be carried upstairs because she was terrified of the open stairs; Tasha, the corgie, who can't be separated from Datha. While Laura and Robert, Ralph and I became friends meeting as neighbors on the 3rd floor, Puggles and Kathryn were noisy rivals. Of course, Dawyn and Rick's bulldogs - are always a hit. None us can forget Jack, the wonderful English sheep dog rescued by Mr. Knight. The love and bond between the two brought tears to many of us. Thank you -- Steve, Barbara, and JonThe Millers, Miller House Antiques

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