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Sunday, February 15, 2009

Help Wanted

Just bought this nice little maple stand and would like to bring it to Nashville but I need help. Could any of your bloggers tell me how to get these darn lines out of this maple. It's driving me crazy.
I always recommend a belt sander as a good starting point. If that doesn't work- a quart of good enamel paint- maybe lime green. It's a shame those stripes would ruin a good useable table. Anyone else have any suggestions?


  1. Help is on the way! Having been a professional wood worker for over 87 years it is my learned opinion that the best way to remove these stripes is a high strengh 2 step wood bleach ( available at any professional wood worker supplier ), after removing these unsightly stripes , be careful not to stain wood as this could cause stripes to somewhat reappear.
    P.S. I believe this condition is often found in homes with people with tiger striped cats, it is the impression of the cats lying on vaious pieces of furniture. If you decide to paint make sure you sand throughly as to get a good bond with wood.

  2. I have chills going up my spine at the thought of lime green paint on it.....HA!!

  3. Fortunately this table found a home with someone who prefers striped furniture so no one had to paint it lime green.