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Sunday, February 1, 2009

More Stories

About ten years ago, we brought a wonderful, early hooked rug featuring a series of interlocking hearts to Nashville. It was Valentine's Day weekend and the rug was prominently displayed in our booth.

A couple on their honeymoon saw the rug. Looking at one another, the husband softly said to his wife, "This will our wedding gift to one another."

It was such a special moment. When they purchased the rug, we tied a large red ribbon around it.

Upon returning home, the couple sent us a lovely note to let us know how much they loved the rug ... and, obviously, one another!

We have seen the couple in Nashville several times in the ensuing years and they have made additional purchases from us. Whenever we see them, they always share that their heart rug continues to a source of joy for them.... and, now, for their three children as well.

Knowing that they were able to find such a special gift in our booth has been an ongoing source of delight for us, too.

All our best,
Doug and Bev

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