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Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Shocking, Unprecedented Behind the Scenes Access!

When I started blogging I did promise behind the scenes information from the fascinating world of antiques show management (sarcasm). So here it goes- what is going on a week before the show.

1. Talking with dealers about the last minute details of their booths- tables, paper color, walls, showcases, set-up times, hotel info- etc.

2. Talking with customers about tickets, dealers, hotels-etc.

3. Talking with PR person about media coverage, press releases, TV & Radio

4. Talking with suppliers about staging, set up and tear down.

5. Printing invoices, booth signs, show programs

6. Finalizing ads

7. Hoping customers show up and buy a lot of antiques.

8. Make sure clothes are to the dry cleaners and last minute travel details are taken care of.

I suppose this fascinating look at the exciting world of antique show management might seem overwhelming (sarcasm), but I did promise the blog would offer this. Maybe I can get dealer and customer perspective. Truly fascinating.


  1. Looking forward to meeting you and having a great show. Thanks you for all your assistance in preparation. Carrell

  2. Hey Jon,
    Keep up the great work! We appreciate it. It's a busy time for all of us getting ready to do a show and sometimes we forget to say THANKS!!!

  3. Thanks for all of your anxiety!!! Here's what is going on in the dealer mode -1. talking w/promoters of your show and all the others about walls, paper, booth configurations, show cases, set-up times, hotel confirmations, etc. 2. Talking to customers about tickets and their hotel reservations. 3. Anxiety! 4. Talking with media about ads for your show and others that we're doing in the future 5. Ordering supplies - business cards, envelopes, labels, bags, etc. 6. Printing labels and sending out cards for shows in the near future 7. Finalizing ads 8. Preparing merchandise 9. Arranging for pet and house sitters 10. Loading truck in ice, snow, and/or mud. 11. Remembering to bring show gear - shelves, plinths, cleaning supplies, cards, bags, tissue, invoices, office supplies, lighting, hardware, tools, moving carts, carpet, vacuum, ladders, tool boxes, drills, etc, etc, etc. 12. Anxiety/ excitement! 13. Preparing and packing clothes and confirming travel plans 14. Hoping customers show up and buy a lot of Antiques!!!!!!!! Lynn