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Thursday, February 25, 2010

And the recovery progresses

About 10 days post Nashville and I've started to turn a corner. Actually got out a cookbook sent to me last week by dealer Jim Hirsheimer. His wife has published two cookbooks which were recently mentioned in either Esquire or GQ. The recipe was for a great hearty Ragu. Any recipe that contains three different meats is a winner in my book. Served with gnocchi and parmesan. Lunch was very good. Starting to plan for the outdoor season in Springfield and travel to Texas for Round Top week. Thanks for the vigorous feedback on Why Antiques-Part 2-Style. Working on Part 3 in my head now.

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  1. Jon, thanks for your visit to hill country house! I so enjoyed the shows in Nashville and had every intention of taking some photos for a post when I got back. I did not get any pictures, though, and wonder if I could snag a few from here and do a follow up post on my trip. I would use them to tell the story of my trip, but credit your blog for the pictures. Is that okay? thanks so much! Ann