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Wednesday, February 3, 2010

These are a few of their favorite things

Asked dealers what their favorite items that they are bringing to the show:

We are bringing a N.H. Cheese cupboard. Only other one we have seen is in the Sheldon House at Historic's 7 feet long, and 5 feet high. Quite unique!!!
Karan Oberg
Lots of early treenware and an early mannequin in original clothes. Steve and Rita Carnine...... Carnine Antiques
We are bringing part of a carousel. There are 3 short inner cornice panels which together form a semicircle, with 2 shields to cover the joints. The panels were carved in Gent, Belgium. They are extremely decorative and great above a bar or in game room. Pete & Shirley

Jon, as per your request, attached find an image of a nice grouping of soda fountain syrup dispensers.(See photo in post below) These dispensers were prominently displayed in your local drugstore's soda fountain area around the turn of the century. These colorful ceramic containers were point of sale attractions and dispensed the syrup which was then mixed with carbonated water by the soda jerk for your favorite flavored soda. The same colorful decorations which "made the sale" attract collectors today to assemble a nice grouping of these for display in their gameroom, media room, or bar area. Kim and Mary Kokles

Bringing large SEWER SNAKE for wall or garden art.


great question, and I am torn....there is the Roy Mills sentinel goose decoy I sent a picture of for the supplement. So very elegant and sophisticated for a working decoy, and then I have a fragment - a small 18th century box lid carved with hearts, stars, and eagles...hummm, in a toss up do not know which I would choose - would like to keep them both.

Cheers, leaving this morning to head to NH and then to Nashville on the weekend. hope it is warmer there - was -23 Celcius yesterday when i was shovelling out my shop......and then the wind chill.


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