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Saturday, January 1, 2011

A Preview of Coming Attractions

When I spoke with Carol Meekins, of Country Treasures Antiques, yesterday she was quick to let me know how thrilled she is that “the shows are back together and, all of the customers will be back in Nashville at the same time.” Yep, it’s pretty exciting.
If you don’t know Carol Meekins, you definitely need to meet her, especially if you’re into great country antiques. She has an amazing inventory of every kind of high quality country antique you can imagine. So, are you coming to the Antiques at Music Valley show looking for the perfect cupboard for your home? She’ll probably have it, whether it’s a step back, a flat wall, or hanging cupboard and, it’ll be in original paint. Are you looking for apothecaries, a dry sink, weathervanes or a pantry box? She has those too. And then there are her children’s antiques, guaranteed to melt any grandmother’s heart.
Carol was kind enough to share some photos of a few items you’ll want to look for in her booth. Make sure you talk with her about the provenance of her iron swan. I hope you’re as interested as I was when she explained that it came from the estate of descendants of Edgar Allen Poe. Now that would start a conversation your guests will remember.

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