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Monday, January 3, 2011

The Wanderer stops wandering long enough to be interviewed.

We are honored in the New Year to have a rare opportunity to speak with a living legend in the world of Antique related blogging. Ladies and Gentleman- an interview with the Antique Show Wanderer, a man of many pictures and a few wise words- his work may be seen at:
Insider: What inspired you to take your propensity for aimlessly wandering
antique shows and your unique perspective into the blog?

1. A life-long inclination to share experiences with others regardless of their
interest to listen

2. To generate a positive perspective in regards to the business with the desire to capture moments of a narrow time/space view with a camera.

Insider: To what do you attribute your unique photographic perspective. In many instances, I will look at your posts from shows I've attended, but when I see the your photos, I wonder- was I really there?

1. An effort to see beyond what I am expected to see.

2. To study the lines, shapes and contrasts more than the mere objects themselves.

3. Perhaps to see (objects) without context to their assigned purpose.

4. Man is of nature.... nature is in harmony....avoid the distractions.

Insider: When you tie the in the narrative aspect of your posts, do you have an idea in mind, or is it a reaction to the photos that leads you into a direction?
It’s the MacGyver school, you work with what’s available combined with the old adage "a picture tells a thousand words"

Insider: What show would you most like to wander not currently on your schedule?

While there are more than a few shows not currently on our schedule that I wouldn't mind "wandering" at, most of them are shows that I have attended in the past. One exception is Christie's in Ontario, this is one I've always wanted to participate in but never have.

From a similar thought are shows that I currently attend but do not have the "comfort zone" to take the photos I need to properly cover the event. Two that come to mind are Brimfield, where too many dealers take issue with strangers taking images..... superstitious?......and the TAAS show, where I feel taking photos would be too invasive.

Insider: Just to clarify- if a picture is worth a thousand words, a picture taken at a Canadian show would only be worth 973 words with the exchange rate, and that I too have received the scornful eye from a dealer at Brimfield- maybe it’s just the high tax base in Massachusetts. Also, perhaps we could request joint media credentials for TAAS because we are informing many tens of readers.

Last question- If you could be transformed into any antique/vintage item for posterity, what would it be and why that item?
Wanderer: 973 words but the language is much richer in Ontario, thus, I would recalculate at about 1063 words. Posterity would be determined by the longevity of the item, thus I would choose to be a pillar at Stonehenge. Great views, plenty of interesting visitors, and, of cours,e being stone.... longevity.

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  1. Nice to hear from the wandering introspective and soulful. Its the coming of age of a well traveled articulate perveyour of goods and goodness..Thanks.