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Thursday, January 20, 2011

So Many Great Photos. So Little Space.

I talked with Iowa dealer, Paula Van Deest last week about how quickly Music Valley and Nashville Week are approaching. She’s excited. Who isn’t? I asked if she’d be willing to share some photos of some of the items she’s held back for the show, and she really came through. She sent photos of eight terrific pieces she’s bringing. It was tough to decide which ones to post. So, here’s a look at four of them and you’ll just have to wait to see the other four, but believe me, you’ll definitely want to get to her booth. In the mean time, I know you’ll enjoy these photos of her collection of articulated hands, a pair of carved stone tree trunks with the names Minnie and Charles, this rare Martha Chase hospital doll (4 year old boy) and an awesome third phase Navajo Chief’s blanket.
Paula was quick to let me know how much she enjoys doing Music Valley. She said she really appreciates that the show is all indoors, so there’s no fighting the elements, and the easy parking is a big plus. Of course, she pointed out, “The great restaurants and entertainment in Nashville make trip even more fun”.

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