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Sunday, January 23, 2011

Signs of Optimism

Just flew in from Americana Week in New York and boy are my arms tired. With apologies to several generations of comedy, I arrive home more optimistic than ever that perhaps we are continuing an upward trend in the business.

Thoughts on each show:

TAAS- or the The American Antiques Show held by the American Folk Art Museum. This show features a selection of dealers focusing on high end Americana and Folk Art. As usual, it didn't disappoint. Tremendous examples of Folk, Country, Formal, Art, Jewelry, Textiles with a smattering of Silver, Arts & Crafts and a few other surprises. An informal survey of dealers indicated an uptick over last year. No shortage of amazing material, but also a little more range than in the past.

Antiques at the Armory- The Stella offering held at the armory at 26th & Lexington Avenue was home to approx. 90 dealers is much more diverse than TAAS. Think Americana, Decorative, Jewelry, European Decorative with a touch of Oriental and African Art thrown in for good measure. The Armory featured a high level of presentation value and everything from 6 figure weathervanes to jewelry under $100.
Show opened a little slow in the morning on Friday due to about 5 inches of snow in the New York Metro, but built a solid crowd as the day wore on. Dealers again seemed to echo TAAS sentiment that things seemed to be looking up. Saturday gate was strong with one dealer I spoke with reporting multiple sales and a good show overall.

The Pier- Again held by Stella Management- the most diverse show of Americana Week offers an expanse and range not matched by the other shows. The most eclectic of the events offered nearly 200 vendors, including many usual pier exhibitors, plus a book fair. Although we had to leave about mid-way through opening day, it was apparent that the pier was following suit with other events.

Winter Show- Couldn't fit in a trip to the Winter Show, but heard perhaps the most glowing reviews about the results here. Word of mouth had Americana and Folk Art being well received and some expceptional results. This reportedly included a 7 figure folk art sale. More details if I can confirm some things later.

Our results- Had a very strong response to Nashville and Harwinton from dealers and customers. Should have at least 12 new vendors to add to both shows and a lot of optimism regarding Nashville in less than a month. Many New York and Los Angeles buyers repeated the "see you in Nashville" mantra we hoped to hear.

Although these shows represent the highest end of our business, as I often am fond of saying- we are all very connected. Good news in New York means a much higher likelihood of good news in Nashville, Harwinton, Springfield and everywhere in between.


  1. Thanks, Jon for the report. I could not make it to NY this time, but was anxious about the outcome. Sounds like things are looking up. Hope to see you soon.